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2002 A New Beginning
The Balance of Power
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Hamunaptra City of the Dead
Hamunaptra Solving the Puzzle
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Janice's Private Scroll to Melinda
Melinda's letters to the Doctor
The Meeting of Souls

Waiting on her Warrior
The Birth of a Legend

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Eric Thorn's Movie Poster  Eric

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Character Sheet
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This book is indeed out of print, I took the liberty to include things that are indeed copyrighted from West End Games for the gamers benefit.  I urge everyone to purchase the book and to only use this as a helpful guide when creating characters.  I didn't scan the book, I typed all of this out by hand (whew!) but again 80% of the things you will see here are indeed owned by WEG.  Unfortunately for us they felt that the Hercules/Xena game wasn't lucrative enough to continue to produce.  But I do recommend their games highly.
Hercules and Xena Role Playing Game
West End Games
RR 3 Box 2345
Honesdale, PA 18431
tel. 570-251-1550
The 6D system is a simple and easy to learn and play under any condition. 
Be it tabletop or on the PC through software using either OpenRPG or WebRPG
OpenRPG is a free system used when you have a group of people wanting to game across the
internet. WebRPG is the same, the servers crash allot and we found it impossible
to gather players... they just made it a pay to play service, you decide.
The mailing list below was created for non-play by email RPGers,
if you are interested in discussing the game further or even playing online
or finding friends in your area, drop us a line or join the mailing list
- we would love to hear from you!
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