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The Covington Journal

The Early Years

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WWII Character Sheet
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1940's Villian  Compendium
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Covington Journal Novel
Melinda's Memoirs Novel
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 Melinda Pappas 
Player's site
Janice Covington 
Player's site

Indiana Jones Costumes
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Warning: Pages of Mel and Janice adventures from the online rpg game await you.  Where the last Covington Journal Gaming Logs left off.  Raw material of the Dangerous Role Playing, and Recruitment fan fiction novels. Current Gaming logs year 2000.
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Characters, Items & Places Statistics

Hercules and Xena Role Playing World War II Roleplaying: The Xena Scrolls RPG: The Rules - Not yet activated! RPG: The Netbook - Not yet activated! Hall of Heroes - Imagery of the RPG

Character Sheet
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This book is indeed out of print, I took the liberty to include things that are indeed copyrighted from West End Games for the gamers benefit.  I urge everyone to purchase the book and to only use this as a helpful guide when creating characters.  I didn't scan the book, I typed all of this out by hand (whew!) but again 80% of the things you will see here are indeed owned by WEG.  Unfortunately for us they felt that the Hercules/Xena game wasn't lucrative enough to continue to produce.  But I do recommend their games highly.
Hercules and Xena Role Playing Game
West End Games
RR 3 Box 2345
Honesdale, PA 18431
tel. 570-251-1550
The 6D system is a simple and easy to learn and play under any condition. 
Be it tabletop or on the PC through software using either OpenRPG or WebRPG
OpenRPG is a free system used when you have a group of people wanting to game across the
internet. WebRPG is the same, the servers crash allot and we found it impossible
to gather players... they just made it a pay to play service, you decide.
The mailing list below was created for non-play by email RPGers,
if you are interested in discussing the game further or even playing online
or finding friends in your area, drop us a line or join the mailing list
- we would love to hear from you!

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