Imperial Bath House

Oldest Xena and Hercules site on the net, we are in the process of revamping, please wear hard hats!

Revamping the Imperial Mosaic Room, the Xena Scrolls Fanfiction, The Official Role Playing, and Links sections for your viewing pleasure.

New wallpapers, New screen caps, new videos, and new Fanfiction are all within the XMV itself, submitted by the most talented artists, bards and vidders in our Xenite Xenaverse.

Artemis and Xenaholic's private, personal and donated collections resides within the IBH itself. Please come and enjoy, just remember to never use or borrow anything without direct permission.

The Original Hercules and Xena Drinking game is here. Created at a Greekfest back in the early days of Hercules before Xena was even a glint in Rob Tapert's eye, later the Xena season 1 rules were added. The second part will be posted someday when we can dig it up.