Dangerous Role Playing

(Macedonia) Greece, 1940. Xena Scrolls dig site.

Janice climbed into the truck waiting for Melinda, it was a long wait the night grew darker and darker.  Dr. Covington discovered that Melinda Pappas was the nearby town of Salonika, staying in only the best hotel that money can buy. Before they could leave the area site manager, a short Greek fellow ran up and handed Janice a manilla folder containing what was left of her fee.  A whopping $100.00 US dollars, which could go far they way Janice played poker.  But it would have been allot more if she hadn't destroyed property and blown up all the equipment.  But, sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Janice puffed on her cigar and took the note from the Manager that as also left behind for her, it puzzled her for a bit.  Biting on her cigar she stuffed the note in her pocket and glanced over at the mangled Mel.  Her skirt was ripped up nearly to the top of both thighs on each side, her hair was tangled and fell about all over the place, and both her shoes and glasses were lost in the tomb.  The tall woman was trying to tame her hair and hide the dark circles forming under her eyes.

Janice needed a good stiff drink, or coffee, anything to keep her awake during the long drive into town.  Fortunately Mel's pretty humming actually kept her awake, something you'd think would put a girl to sleep.  Janice looked for a parking spot in the small dusty town and turned off the engine.  It's after midnight and both women are starting to show signs of fatigue, but Janice must reply to this mysterious urgent message, she sighs aloud. 

Melinda hums to herself
Janice smiles at Mel and shakes her head
[Narrator]: The trip into town is uneventful...
Melinda runs her fingers through her hair.
Janice throws what's left of her cigar out of the window.
[Melinda]: "Maybe I'll keep it like this." (the hair)  and smiles
Janice glances at Mel's thighs and giggles "She did a number on that skirt"
[Narrator]: Our two adventures arrive at the hotel without incident and complete their task
Janice went potty
Janice took a shower
Melinda changed into something clean.
Janice ordered room service
Janice changed into something clean
[Melinda]: "Sure Janice.. make yourself at home." (giggles)
 [Narrator]: Feels good to get the dirt and grime off...
Janice looks about "Well someone had to."
[Melinda]: "So Janice. What are we going to do now?" and sits on the bed.  (giggles to herself)
 [Big Rod]: [ooooh this could get interesting]
Janice raises an eyebrow and walks up to her "I have to meet this man, you coming with me?"
Janice holds out her hand politely
Camera one zooms in
[Melinda]: "Sure! Who is he?"
Melinda takes her hand and stands up.
[Melinda]: (oh god)
Janice walks into the camera
[Melinda]: (laughs)
Melinda yells "Cut!"  and walks over to The Narrator.
Janice adjusts her hat and heads out of the door into the lobby and to the truck, waiting for Mel.
Melinda walks out to the truck with Janice.
Janice pulls out a cigar and looks up into the midnight sky, she is getting sleepy.
Melinda looks at Janice "Do you really like smoking those things?" and points to the cigar.
[Janice]: "You want one?"
Melinda walks up to the truck.
[Melinda]: "Oh.. no thank you."
Janice opens the door and climbs in "Mel you are not wearing those shoes are you?"
Melinda gets into the truck "Which ones?  These?"
Melinda holding up her foot.
Janice looks at the pump "I really need to talk to you about sensible shoes Mel."
Melinda sighs "Well Janice, I find these things to be very comfortable.  Well let's go."
Janice pulls out into the street "Mel the first time you have to walk in sand and fall over, I will laugh at you."
Melinda smiles "I hope not." and looks at Janice.
[Narrator]: Jan realizes that the appointed meeting place is in a rougher part of town.  The truck pulls up on a dimly lit street...Few people are about say for the odd "working "girl and young man.
Janice is getting nervous, she looks at Mel's fancy clothes.
[Narrator]: Down an alley way... a single Light bulb can be seen illuminating a door
Lightbulb holding a flashlight to the door, "This way!"
Janice parks the truck "Mel don't leave my side, you got that?"
Melinda gets out of the truck and walks to the door, nods and looks around.
Janice puts her hand on her gun and opened the door - going in first.
[Narrator]: As if to show how rough an area it is... the door bursts open expelling a man.
Janice pushes Mel out of the way.
[Narrator]: He crumples ton the ground moaning.
[Melinda]: "What the ...."
Janice pulls out her gun.
Melinda hides behind Janice .
[Bouncer]: "AND STAYS OUT!"
Bouncer looks up at Mel and Jan.
Melinda looks up at the bouncer.
[Bouncer]: he was looking down at the guy.
[Janice]: "I'm looking for a Mr. Small" - Sneering.
[Bouncer]: "Yeah?"
[Bouncer]: "Ain't hoi'da of em"
[Janice]: "Told me to meet him here"
[Melinda]: "Mr Small?" and looks at Janice.
Bouncer shrugs.
Janice hands the bouncer the note and puts away her gun.
[Bouncer]: "Whatta I know...."
Janice smirks at Mel.
[Janice]: "Can we come in and look for him?" - peering around him.
[Bouncer]: "Well git in 'ere den!" points his thumb at the door.
Melinda smiles and stands besides Janice now.
Janice smiles and grabs Mel's hand like a mother pulling a child.
[Bouncer]: "A dame in a suit... huh...what's this woild comin ta?"
[Melinda]: "Are you sure it's safe going in here?"
Janice looks around the bar.
[Narrator]: Its dark in here...very few lights.  A bar sits off too the right and several tables are about the floor.  About a dozen or so patrons sit about drinking.
Melinda thinks to herself "I should start drinking."
Janice sighs, walking over to the bar with Mel in tow and orders them both a drink.
[Janice]: "Give me a whiskey and a Gin and Tonic for the Lady
Barkeep spits in a glass and cleans it "Yes?"
Janice grimaces "In a fresh glass please"
[Barkeep]: "I cleaned it..."
[Janice]: "With water."
Melinda looks around at the people in the bar.
Big Rod walks up behind Janice and Mel, "Put that on my tab, Jimmy... Janice, they told me you were in town.. I see you got my note?"
Barkeep turns about and mixes up a few drinks.
Janice looks at him "You're Mr. small?"
Big Rod winks at Janice, "Well.... I don't like to brag...."
[Janice]: hops up on the barstool to watch the bartender "You don't mix whiskey."
Janice looks back at Mr. Small "What can we do for you?"
Melinda is still standing beside Janice look over Mr. Small.
Barkeep looks at Jan...."Shaddup...I'm a gittin to yah"
Big Rod flat out, "Janice, I need to sell your body"
Janice leers over the bar at the bartender, "Hey!  Be nice, there's a lady present."
Barkeep passes a glass to Jan and Mel
[Melinda]: "What did he just say?!?!"
Janice spins around in the stool just hearing him, "I know you just didn't say that Rod!"
Barkeep grunts
a woman  coughs
Big Rod with no shame, "Hey... You're the best in the business baby!"
Janice downs her whiskey in one gulp and glares at Rod.
[Melinda]: "What is he talking about?" and slowly makes her way behind Janice.
[Janice]: "Rod, you have done some stupid things in your time, what have you gotten yourself into now?"
Big Rod taking Janice's hands, "I mean these hands just work magic!"
[Janice]: "When and where rod?"
[Melinda]: "Um..."
[Narrator]: As two old aquatints are reunited....
Big Rod pulling out a wrinkled old note pad, "Let me see... I've got this written down somewhere."
[Narrator]: ...Three burly patrons wander up.
Janice looks back at Melinda "Meet Big Rod Mel, he's my supplier."
Brute looks at Mel...up and down
[Melinda]: "Umm.. you're supplier?"
Janice watches the men out of the corner of her eye.
Janice moves Mel to the other side of her away from the men.
Janice "Lets go somewhere else and talk about this."
[Brute]: "Hey...you're awful pretty."
Big Rod continues looking for something in his book ignoring the brutes.
Janice takes Mel and Rod by the wrists and attempts to drag them to a table.
[Melinda]: "What do you mean by supplier, Janice?"
Brute steps in front of Janice.
a woman turns her head and quietly watches
[Narrator]: His cohorts surround the sides.
Janice shakes her head and pulls out her gun and sticks it in his gut "Move out of my way mister"
[Brute]: to Melinda, "wanna dance?"
Big Rod to Jan, "Friends of yours, Jan?"
Brute looks at the gun... then laughs.
Janice cocks the gun.
[Melinda]: "Oh, Janice... um..." and watches the man.
[Brute]: You can tell he is quite drunk.
[Brute]: "HAHA... look boys...little girls got a toy!"
a woman slowly sips a dark drink, now looking curious.
Big Rod looking over Jan's shoulder, "I've been meaning to talk to you about that... I have a guy who can get you a bigger gun for a very reasonab... Oh I see your busy. I'll just go grab a booth"
[Janice]: "Thanks Rod!"
Big Rod grabbing Mel by the hand, "This way, mam."
[Melinda]: "Um... um... Janice?" and tries to get away from Rod.
Bartender dives behind counter..."NO blasters no blasters!"
Big Rod shrugs, "Oh well... I guess I'll be slipping on by then... I'm sure I'm the last thing they want to dance with..."  (tries to get by)
Big Rod apologizing to the brutes, "I'm not with her.."
Melinda moves out of Rod's way.
Janice gives him the LOOK.
a woman smirks
Janice knees him in the groin.
[Melinda]: "Ouchie."
Janice smiles evilly "HAAAA! HA!!!!!!!!!"
Brute takes a hard knee and keels over, eyes bulging out,
[Janice]: "Next?"
Big Rod grimaces, "Owwwie"
[Melinda]: "That'll teach ya."
a woman stands up
Janice Looks at the woman
Melinda tries to make her way to where Rod is standing.
Woman walks quietly behind one of the men
 [Narrator]: The stranger walks right up behind the other on the left, twists her foot around his ankle and shoves him to the ground.
Janice raises her eyebrows and s.m.i.l.e.s!
[Melinda]: "Oh I hate the sight of blood."
[Narrator]: Mel deftly steps away from the conflict
[Janice]: (Nice yellow dress you got on there Mel)
Big Rod making excuses, "Hey I cant even dance.. bad leg you know.. I'll just be going to that booth if you don't mind?"
Janice is itching to shoot someone.
[Brute]: Standing brute just sneers.. "get outta ma face.. we want them!"
[Janice]: "Them?"
Big Rod stepping over high pitched brute, "Yes, well good luck"
a woman raises an eyebrow at Rod
Big Rod under his breath, "You'll need it"
Big Rod over shoulder to Janice, "Should I get menus?"
Janice thinks about it and looks around "No lets go somewhere classy, I got paid today."
[Brute]: High pitched brute...squeaks "That hurt wench!"
Brute tries to grab Jan's legs and pull her down.
Big Rod with a big smile, "Ooo really?  You got the truck, throw me the keys... I'll start her up."
Janice looks down and sneers, then glances up at Rod.  "Bit Busy here Rod!"
Melinda yells from behind a chair "Kick'em!"
Janice bounces up and kicks the man.
[Brute]: But his attempt is vain as Jan kicks his arms away.
Big Rod sighs, "Throw me the idol... I mean keys"
Janice lands, and fishes for her keys with her left hand.
[Brute]: Second brute on ground turns over and glares At woman.
Big Rod taps foot impatiently....
a woman jumps on his back
[a woman]: "Now now, don't look at me like that.."
Brute tries to kick Woman.
Janice whistles the wonder woman theme song.
Brute lashes out with his leg ...missing her knee cap by inches.
Janice grins warmly at Mel.
a woman looks a bit alarmed at that.
[Brute]: Standing brute turns on Jan..."You'se gonna pay for that knee Missy!"
Melinda smiles back.
Brute pulls back and hauls off a punch.
Big Rod to Janice, "Don't worry toots, I'll get her started without the keys..."
Janice eyes widen... at Rod Comment!
Melinda eyes brute with concern.
[Janice]: "No you don't!"
[Brute]: His fist nearly connecting with her jaw but sails past
Janice turns to stop Rod - completely MISSING what the brute was doing.
Big Rod starts to leave.
Janice was darting after Rod.
Melinda darting after Janice.
[Narrator]: The two Brutes on the ground stand up. The one already standing Screams and tosses another punch at Janice,Once again nearly connecting , but missing.
Janice keeps heading for the door after Rod.
a woman makes a strategic retreat to the door.
Melinda is following after Janice who is following Rod.
[shadows]: "STOP!!"
Big Rod is saying goodnight to the sleeping bouncer
[Narrator]: You all hear a shout from behind you....
Big Rod turns.
[Narrator]: From the shadows at the back you see a well dressed man appear. Followed by what looks to be a chauffeur.
Melinda stops because she saw Rod stop and turn around.
Janice stops and turns smacking into Mel.
[shadows]: Janice with gun still drawn.
Man looks to the thugs and laughs..."And you thought she was going to be easy??"
Big Rod walking back to Janice.
Janice glances at Mel and smiles.
Man turns to your group laughing, after smacking into Janice tries to fix her glasses
[Man]: " I see Ms Covington...that your reputation is well earned!"
Janice lowers her gun and cocks her hat back high on her forehead "And you are?"
[Gentleman]: "Boris! Get yourself and your brothers out of here!" yells at the thugs
a woman tries to stay in the shadows
Janice eyes wild at the thugs "Ah HA!  Russian, I knew it!"
Melinda is wondering who this nicely dressed gentleman is.
[Mr. Giles Nelwin]: "I," bows "Am Mr. Giles Nelwin!"
Big Rod searches his brain for name recognition....
Janice shrugs "And?"
[Melinda]: "Oh well..." and eyes Nelwin.
Mr. Giles Nelwin points at a table "Please sit...and you to Big Rod and Ms..." looks at woman
Janice glances back at Mel, "Mel." - Rolls her eyes
a woman blanks, "Carol. Call me Carol."
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "I just needed to test you was all...To see if I heard was true.  Smithers....Help the ladies with their seats."
Melinda raises an eyebrow at him "Heard of me?" and points to herself.
Janice straddles the chair with the back in front of her "What have you heard about me?"
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: looks at Melinda, "Ahh...yes indeed I have...but please sit."
Smithers runs around and helps the ladies with their seats.. starting with Janice.
Janice whispers something to Mel.
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "This is Smithers my driver."
Big Rod shrugs, "You know mister drunks don't usually make the best thugs.. I could hook you up with some Macedonian strongmen..."
Melinda shrugs.
Smithers then sits at a near-by table.
Mr Giles Nelwin looks to Big Rod...and laughs .
Carol eyes Giles...
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "And I see what I hear about you is true too!"
Big Rod limps to a chair and plops down, his bad leg sticking out in the walkway.
[Janice]: "So there Giles, you know about us.  Now it's time for you to tell us a story...
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "Well...now that I see we are all aquatinted...I must speak to you all."
[Janice]: "Tell us about yourself, starting with why you had those thugs attack us."
Big Rod sighs, "Well, don't believe everything you hear about me.."
Mr Giles Nelwin pulls up a chair.
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "I needed to see if you really were the people I wanted.  Especially you Ms Covington"
Janice Stands up.
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "Well...For one thing...I was an old friend of your fathers."
Janice swings her leg out from around the chair and picks it up...
Janice turns the chair around and sits down on it, pulling out a cigar.
[Janice]: "Well that's nothing new, everyone knew my father.
Big Rod interrupts, "Well any fees for Janice will have to go through me...."
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "Yes."
Janice leans back and rolls her eyes at Rod, waiting for the chair to bump against the wall and relaxes a bit.
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "Well it so happens I have a very ancient text that was once his."
Big Rod whispering kinda loudly to Jan, "Let me handle this, toots."
[Janice]: "AH HA!  You stole it!"
Carol raises eyebrows.
Melinda leans over to Janice "You really have to explain all of these to me later.  Who these people are."
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "Steal is such a harsh term..."
Melinda turns when she hears ancient text said.
Janice taps Mel's leg "Don't worry Mel, I will."
Janice chews on the unlit cigar, "Well return it and I won't charge you a late fee."
Big Rod nods, "Oh I agree with that, Mr.... Steal... bah... Everyone throws that word around to loose - Jan, allow me."
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "I've had it for some time but can make no sense of it....I want to put you in charge of an expedition to figure it out"
Janice sighs and lights the cigar "I don't work for just anyone, especially thieves."
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "I merely borrowed it. Now I'm returning it and wish to put your skills to good work"
Janice holds out her hand mocking him "Then return it."
Big Rod waving off Janice, "How bout if you give Janice the text.. and we cut you in for a small cut?"
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "Rod here will supply you with what you need"
[Janice]: "That's a given anyway" looking at Rod.
Melinda is just watching all the goings on
[Janice]: "So Giles, what do I get out of this?"
Big Rod frowning, "Janice please.."
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "Why to follow daddy's dreams!"
Big Rod to Giles, "So just what are ya offering mister?"
Janice chuckles "I've been doing that for more years than I care to remember.  You have a problem answering questions Giles."
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "Well I will pay you all well."
Janice leans close to him, "I want to see the mullah."
Big Rod nods, "That's a start..  Up front right?"
Mr Giles Nelwin reaches into his jacket.
Janice gets a guarded position.
Big Rod prepares to hit the ground.
Mr Giles Nelwin looks at Carol..."I don't know who you are..."
[Janice]: "She's not with us."
Mr Giles Nelwin pulls out a wad o cash.
Mr Giles Nelwin throws it to the table.
Big Rod grabs for the cash.
[Carol]: "Oh don't worry, I'll pull my weight.." she eyes the cash"  Carol makes a grab too.
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "There is 2500$ there as a good will gesture"
Melinda leans over to look at it "Oh well now look at that."
Mr Giles Nelwin backs off as the hyenas go for the kill.
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: As big Rod and Carol dive for the money...Jan pulls it in snug to her.
[Janice]: "Get off!"
Carol scowls.
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: Carol hits the table and Rod lands on top of her
Janice looks at Carol "Who invited you anyway?
Big Rod frowns, "Jan I'm gonna need that you know... Oh sorry bout that Miss."
[Carol]: "Oh, that's gratitude for you.."
Janice laughs loudly at them
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "Well...Do you accept?"
Big Rod pushes his 200+ lbs. off of Carol.
[Melinda]: "Well... if ya'll want. I could hold the money." and bats her eyelashes.
[Carol]: "Urk."
Janice hands Mel the money - "keep it safe sweetheart"
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "Well?"
Melinda puts it down the front of her shirt.
Big Rod sits back down.
Janice watches Mel out of the corner of her eye.
Mr Giles Nelwin does too.
Melinda arranges herself.
Smithers raises his eyebrows.
Carol straightens her clothes.
Janice stands up and holds out a hand to Giles glancing at Mel through the corner of her eye "Show me the tablet."
Big Rod to Giles, "You know we're gonna need more than that right?"
[Melinda]: "Well now that that's all settled."
Janice smiles at Mel "Rather nicely too." - she mutters
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "Oh there will be more...and I am sending Smithers to go with you."
[Smithers]: "Me? Sir?"
Melinda grins and looks away.
Big Rod continues, "That will barely cover labor costs, pick rentals, and sorry but Smithy here hardly looks like the out doorsy type to me."
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "He will be my representative on this little expedition."
[Melinda]: "Oh Smithers... what a lovely name."
[Janice]: "Where is the expedition?
[Janice]: "Down Mel." - rolls her eyes, thinking to herself, she sure is itching to loose that virginity
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "Oh...Smithers will be fine...As for the expedition....I will get the tablet to you tomorrow."
[Melinda]: "I use to know a Smithers once.... we were."  and notices that no one is listening to her.
[Smithers]: "I just a drive, sir... I don't know the first thing... or the second or third thing for that matter... about Archeology?"
Big Rod determined, "I'm sorry but as the sole supplier I'm gonna need at least another $1000 on top of our personal fees, Mr."
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "As I said...I was unable to decipher the tablet so I hope you have better luck!"
 [Mr Giles Nelwin]: "What?  That much more?"
Big Rod holds out his hand palm up, "Oh yes.. and that's conservative.. believe me"
[Mr Giles Nelwin]: "Well.. I suppose I can ....I will have it brought tomorrow with  the tablet"
Big Rod nods, "Fair enough, but can you spot me a note for gas?"
  To be Continued...

(Macedonia) Greece, 1940.  Salonika, The Blue Oyster Bar.
[Thu Mar 04 19:27:17 CST 1999]

Last week On The Xena Scrolls...
[Narrator]: Our Intrepid group had just met their mysterious Employer in an out of the way bar...
Giles Nelwin stands up from the table, "so we have a deal?"
Janice takes his hand "Yep"
Giles Nelwin shakes firmly, "Good...I'll have the tablet delivered to your hotel in the morning"
Janice pauses, and glances at Mel.
[Janice]: "o.k.a.y. sure thing."
Big Rod stands and crosses arms, "Fine, I can expect the extra G with the tablet then, right?"
[Giles Nelwin]: "If non of you have accommodations....My man Smithers will take you to a hotel"
Big Rod continues, "I'll need cash up front to appease my sources"
Melinda stands up and looks a little confused.  "Are we going to do this, Janice?"
[Janice]: "Sure why not, we got the Xena Scrolls this will be a bonus."
Janice Looks at Giles, "Send it to the Lido make it out to Pappas"
Melinda smiles "Um, I already have a hotel room. All my things are there."
[Helena]: "The Xena scrolls?" Helena leans in to listen
Giles Nelwin looks to Smithers, "Go with them...See they all get rooms and charge it to me"
[Smithers]: "Yes, sir."
[Giles Nelwin]: "Smithers will be my eyes and ears with you."
[Janice]: "comforting"
Smithers follows the others.
Melinda looks at Smithers and smiles
Janice yawns
Melinda looks at Janice and raises an eyebrow
Smithers smiles back at Mel
Giles Nelwin straightens his coat..."Well I shall talk with you all soon... Good night!"
Janice turns to leave
Giles Nelwin Nods and heads out the door
[Melinda]: "Night Mr. ... What was his name again?"
Janice stops and walks up to the bar
Helena rises from her chair slowly
[Bartender]: "What?"
Janice drinks her whiskey
Melinda looks around and walks up to the bar to Janice
[Janice]: "so whadda think Mel??"
[Melinda]: "Another one?" and looks at the drink.
Big Rod following Janice, "Hey Janice... I need to borrow that gas can on the back of yer wheels"
Bartender grunts.
[Janice]: "Never got to enjoy it the first time." (same one)
[Melinda]: "Well... um... I'm not sure about this Janice."
[Janice]: "Its empty Rod"
Big Rod sighs, "Damn"
[Janice]: "Getting a bad feeling Mel?" - smirks
Melinda shrugs "You can say that."
[Smithers]: "What do you need the Gas Can for... I might have one in the car?
Janice Orders another whiskey "I think you're just tired, when have you last slept."
Melinda looks about the bar... "I don't trust these people. And who is that woman."
Big Rod mumbles, "Nothing, I'll be ok... as long as we coast going downhill..."
Helena grins and walks up to them.. "I don't believe we've been properly introduced, and since we're going to we working together.."
Janice leans putting her back against the bar, "Spy maybe, we need to keep an eye out on her."
[Bartender]: laughs at Rod's comment.
[Melinda]: "Um... I tried on the plane, but..."
Melinda looks over at Rod "And that big guy."
Janice whispers to Mel
Janice leans back again "Oh Rod is harmless"
[Janice]: "He worked for my father"
[Melinda]: "He's so... he's soo BIG." - giggles.
Janice giggles and raises an eyebrow "And gimpy."
[Helena]: "tsk tsk, have archaeologists no manners these days?'
Big Rod awkwardly tries to flirt with Melinda by raising a single eyebrow and smiling...
Janice turns to the woman "Manners yes, but I don't know you from Adam sweetheart and you just tried to muscle in on my deal."
Melinda smiles back at Rod and lean to Janice "You trust him?"
[Janice]: "Yeah, I trust Rod to be Rod."
[Helena]: "You're welcome." she smirks
Big Rod to bartender, "You see that skirt over there?  She's been lookin' at me..... I'm in like Flynn, my man!"
Janice leans to Mel "Like I trust Melinda Pappas to be Melinda Pappas."
Melinda fans herself "I...  um... I'm feeling ..." and starts to faint
Janice laughs aloud at Rods comment.
Bartender grunts at Rod.
Janice grabs Mel by the shoulder "You okay?"
[Bartender]: You turn to see Mel starting to go limp.
[Melinda]: "Huh?" and looks up at Janice.
[Helena]: "Next time I'll just leave the threatening, drunken men alone.."
[Janice]: "What's wrong?"
Janice glances at woman, ignoring her.
[Melinda]: "Why, I think I really should sit down."
Big Rod looking over Jan's shoulder, "I do seem to have that effect on women."
Janice helps her on the stool.
[Helena]: "hmmm, she's a bit frail to be on digs.."
Janice smiles at Rod's comment.
[Melinda]: "Just think I need some sleep, that's all." and fans herself again sitting down and almost falling over.
[Janice]: "Melinda will be fine, she's my partner, anyone got a problem with that they can talk to me about!"
Janice grabs Mel tightly.
[Janice]: "Did you drink that gin Mel?"
Helena orders a glass of water from the bar.
[Melinda]: "Janice... I think I'll be ok.  Can I get a glass of water or.."
Big Rod pats Jan on the ass, "She just needs some rest, Jan.  Now to go start that jeep"
[Melinda]: "No.  Please no gin."
Janice Kicks Rod in the leg.
Bartender grunts At Helena and passes her a glass of brown water.
Smithers looking at Mel and then the door "Maybe we should go to the hotel"
Melinda looks at the glass and drops it.
[Janice]: "Smart girl"
[Narrator]: SMASH!!
Big Rod rubs leg, "Or not... Try and hit the good leg next time, Jan"
[Melinda]: "Janice?  Can we please get out of this place?"
[Helena]: "Here" hands her the water. "It'll only cost you one spot on your job." smiles
Melinda fans herself again.
Janice Helps Mel to her feet and out of the door.
Big Rod looks around outside for a parked vehicle...
Smithers looking at Janice "I'll meet you over at the Hotel Lido" and heads off to his car.
[Narrator]: Rod sees his old jeep
Janice escorts Mel to the truck and helps her inside before starting the truck and heading for the Lido.
Helena continues to try to ingratiate herself with the group.
[Melinda]: "Oh my. I don't know what came over me in there."
[Helena]: "Hey, wait!!"
 [Janice]: "Mel you are exhausted, not many people can kick the God of wars Ass and live to tell about it."
Melinda goes into her purse and fishes out a hankie and starts to blotted her face and bosoms with it.
Big Rod grabs a hose out of the back of his jeep and looks for another parked vehicle, "I'll meet up with you at the Lido!"
Janice rubs her temples guiding through the streets.
[Melinda]: "Oh my lordly it's hot."
[Janice]: "No that's just me Mel...." Janice looks at her, "It's a Joke, you can laugh at that."
Melinda raises an eyebrow at Janice's statement.
Smithers yelling to Helena "Hey... You wanna take a ride?"
Smithers to Helena "Don't I know you from somewhere?"
Helena looks curiously at Smithers
Melinda sits and looks outside the car window
Janice glances at Mel's pale face and worries
Helena looks curiously at Smithers
[Melinda]: "Just think I needed some air is all."
Smithers looks back at Helena
[Helena]: "Umm, no, I don't think so..."
Janice looks at the window rolled down "Mel you do have air."
[Narrator]: You see Rod down the street siphoning gas.
Melinda looks over at Janice "I know. I mean....never mind Janice."
[Janice]: "Want me to stop, is it the car?"
[Janice]: "I never told anyone this, but I get motion sickness."
[Melinda]: "Oh.  No Janice. I'll be ok, really."
Melinda has a little grin on her face.
[Janice]: "Funny?"  Janice gets defensive.
Melinda shakes her head and starts to giggle.
Smithers drives on to the Hotel.
[Janice]: "What?  Is if funny that I get sick on boats and planes?" What?"
Big Rod climbs up into his jeep spitting out gas and after several attempts gets it started.
Janice is getting slightly angry.
Melinda smiles "Nothing Janice. Let's just get to the hotel. Ok?"
Helena is looking slightly amused.
Melinda looks over at Janice and smiles "Ok?"
Big Rod drives up next to Helena (jeep spewing smoke), "Need a lift there toots?"
Janice sighs and pulls out a cigar lighting it.  "Whatever,  Melinda Pappas." - grunts
[Helena]: "Oh..... goody... alright." wrinkles nose
[Melinda]: "And really Janice Covington!  Must you smoke those ungodly things?"
Janice is NOT happy with Mel.  Janice blows smoke in Mel's face.
[Narrator]: 20 minutes later Jan and Mel arrive at the Lido...followed by Smithers...then Rod And Helena
Big Rod wipes the passengers seat clean.. sort of... and opens the door for Helena.
Melinda coughs.
Janice smiles and giggles.
Helena climbs in.
Janice opens her door and slams it and ignores Mel.
Helena keeps a careful eye on Big Rod.
[Melinda]: "Well I never!" and opens the door and gets out
[Janice]: "That's obvious Mel, by the way you walk!"
Big Rod laughs at Mel, "That may be your biggest problem."
[Narrator]: Starts to laugh.
Melinda jaw just dropped to the ground.
Smithers walks up to the desk "I need a room."
[Janice]: "Careful Mel, something might get in there!"
[Melinda]: "Well it so happens that back in South C... never mind."
Helena is laughing, covering her mouth.
[Smithers]: "err" looking at group "Several rooms."
Janice leans to Mel... "Really Mel Pappas, so you aren't just a tease then?"
[Desk Clerk]: "Yessssss.....?'
Big Rod limps up to counter next to Smithers, "Yeah.. and I'll need one too."
[Melinda]: "Well I n.... " and just looks at Janice.
Janice arguing in the lobby walkway with Mel.
Desk Clerk looks at the motley group.
[Janice]: "You what... what was that... you never?  Didn't you JUST say that you did?"
Janice is loving this, and it's obvious.
[Desk Clerk]: "Hmmmm.., She"  points to Mel "Has a room...you may too...but these..."
Desk Clerk looks at the rest.
Helena is watching them, and trying not to laugh.
Melinda is not listening to Janice.  (To the clerk) "Hello." and smiles.
Big Rod frowns, "Helena? Grab that duffel bag outta the back of muh jeep, darlin'."
Janice walks behind Mel, "Our room key, please?  I'm with her."
Desk Clerk Looks down his nose at Janice, "Ms Pappas... that true?"
Janice whispers to Mel.
[Melinda]: "Why yes." and smiles.
[Desk Clerk]: "Very well."
Janice smiles the same way.
[Helena]: "What am I, a bell hop?" she mutters.
[Desk Clerk]: "And you all?"
Desk Clerk looks to Smithers.
[Smithers]: "Smithers"
[Melinda]: "We all.... what?"
[Desk Clerk]: "Are you paying the rooms?"
Big Rod mumbles under his breath, "Nooo.. a bellhop is quick..."
Melinda looks at the clerk.
Helena lugs in the bag.
Janice takes the key and heads up to the room.
[Desk Clerk]: "Who is paying for the room Smithers?"
[Desk Clerk]: rooms
Helena drops the bag at Rods feet
Melinda sighs "I guess I'm paying for the rooms."
[Smithers]: "No.. charge it to Giles Nelwin"
Melinda and fishes out the money from her shirt.
Desk Clerk looks shocked at Smithers
[Smithers]: "He's my boss"
[Desk Clerk]: "Did you say Giles Nelwin?"
Big Rod pokes at the nice clean guest list with a dirty finger causing a big black smudge, "And that's DeLong...  big "D" little "e" big "L"...  Is that my key?"
[Smithers]: "Um... Yes... Why?"
Desk Clerk looks pale and loudly claps his hands
Janice turns back waiting for Mel at the elevator... "Melinda... come on sweetheart!"
Melinda turns to looks at Janice.
[Desk Clerk]: "MORT... Ande!
Janice dangles the key around her finger.
Melinda pushes up her glasses and walk away.
[Desk Clerk]: "I am so sorry Mr. Smithers!! "
Big Rod looks at the bag and stuffs a note into Helena's hand, "Thanks"
Desk Clerk passes out keys...
Janice holds the elevator door open before the operator can do it.
[Big Rod]: money note that is.
Melinda gets on the elevator..
[Big Rod]: not a note.... note.
Helena looks at the note.
Janice lets the doors go and smiles at the gang.
[Desk Clerk]: "Please Accept my apologies!"
Helena smirks.
[Melinda]: "Why Janice Covington! I swear, I can't believe some of the things you do."
[Smithers]: "I'll have to think about it... Maybe I might not tell Mr. Nelwin..."
[Desk Clerk]: "OH Please!" bows down.
Smithers takes key and leaves for the room.
[Janice]: "Why Melinda Pappas... "(faking a southern accent) "I just can't believe you'd go blurt out your torrid affairs for all of Greece to hear in the wee hours of the night."
Melinda is standing with her arms folded cross her chest.
Helena takes the stairs to her room.
[Desk Clerk]: Several bell hops suddenly appear, take your bags and escort you all to the same floor.
Big Rod lugs his bag over his shoulder and limps to the elevator.
Janice looks at her chest and then the lift operator.
[Janice]: "That reminds me."
Janice puts two fingers down Mel's cleavage.
[Melinda]: "What are you....."
Camera Two zooms in.
Melinda slaps Janice's hand away.
Janice can't find the money, she searches some more.
[Janice]: "Whadda do with is Mel?"
[Melinda]: "Stop that is instant!"
Camera Two to Jan...then Mel.
Janice hand still there fishing.
Melinda grabs her hand out of her shirt.
[Janice]: "Well THAT wasn't it!"
Lift operator looks on
Janice Puts her palm out "Give it up toots."
[Melinda]: "I'll get it for you. Just you wait a second."
Janice crosses her arms, lifts her hat on her forehead and leans against the lift
[Lift operator]: "AHEM!"
Melinda puts her hand down to find the money..."Oh...."
Melinda pulls out the money and hands it to Janice.
Janice takes it, "Still warm too!"
[Lift operator]: "Ladies...your floor"
[Melinda]: "There!  And don't you do that again, ya hear me?"
[Janice]: "I will wait for an invitation next time, my lady!"
Melinda looks at the operator and steps out .
Janice giggles and walks out of the lift.
[Narrator]: Everyone else resorts to taking the stairs up to the second floor.
Melinda shaking her head
Big Rod does not do stairs....  He'll wait...
[Narrator]: Yes...many minutes pass....
Helena walks by, dangling the key on her finger,
Big Rod slides down the wall and sits on the floor next to the elevator,
[Narrator]: Then the elevator opens... Revealing a lift operator with a grin having a smoke.
Big Rod watches the paint dry...
[Helena]: raises eyebrow,
Lift operator looks at Rod. "Uh going down?.. I Mean ..up?"
Smithers took stairs.
[Lift operator]: "Coming?"
Helena also took the stairs.
[Narrator]: Well Smithers and Helena see Jan and Mel In the hallway
[Janice]: "Mel, just shut up I'm tired!"
[Helena]: "My, what happened to your blouse?"
[Janice]: "Accident."
Melinda glares at Janice.
[Helena]: "Mmmm mhhhh..."
[Melinda]: "Where is the room?"
Lift operator looks at Rod "Sir?"
Janice turns the key to Melinda's door, wanting to be rid of everyone.
[Melinda]: "I need to get outta these clothes and into something clean."
[Janice]: "Here Melinda, its the same room from earlier."
Smithers go into his room.
[Janice]: "You JUST changed and hour ago!"
Melinda walks into the room and falls on the bed. "Thank the lord." and sighs.
Helena unlocks her door and enters.
Janice Looks around for somewhere to sleep.
Melinda curls up in a ball and falls asleep fast.
[Janice]: "Glances between the bed and the couch, and opts for the...
Big Rod finally makes it to his room and makes some phone calls.
Melinda sticks her thumb in her mouth.
Smithers changes into more normal close and heads back down to the lobby...
Janice is out like a LOG!
Helena is standing out in the hall
[Helena]: "Oh! Hello.."
[Lift operator]: Helena Sees Smithers walkout of his room
Big Rod comes out of his room and makes his way to Jan's door...   KNOCK  KNOCK
Helena quickly opens her door and goes back in.
Smithers with a small wave "Hey"
[Narrator]: Well...there is a knock at Mel's door.
Janice wakes up and adjusts her little Boxer shorts and tank top.
Janice opens the door, with long red hair dangling in her eyes.
Big Rod bangs louder on the doo- Jan's forehead...
Janice punches him.
Melinda mutters in her sleep "But we just meet." and giggles.
Big Rod defending himself, "Hey hey hey..."
Helena opens the door at all the noise.
Janice glances back at Mel and smiles.
[Narrator]: Rod Suddenly keels over as Jan slugs him in the stomach
[Janice]: "Oh hi rod." She rubs the sleep from her eyes.
Smithers looks at Rod... "That's got to hurt"
[Helena]: "Ow.." wincing in sympathy
Big Rod weezing, "Unnnngh.... Jan... How many workers you plan on using?"
[Janice]: "Which dig, yours (giggles) or the real one?"
Janice opens up the door and lets Rod in away from prying ears.
Big Rod offended, "Hey... my dig is the real one baby"
[Narrator]: Smithers and Helena See Rod go into Mel and Jan's room.
Janice turns on a little lamp.
Melinda rolls over in her sleep
Helena looks over at Smithers
Smithers heads to the lobby
Big Rod shrugs, "I didn't know this guy was gonna hire you too..."
[Janice]: "Well he had a bigger wad Rod."
Janice crosses her arms to cover her chest.
Melinda slowly wakes up from the light "What's going on?" and looks at Rod with sleepy eyes.
Big Rod continues, "Anyway.... I talked to Pittman... and he can set me up with a good dozen men in only two days.."
[Janice]: "Nothing sweetheart, you just rest those pretty little blue eyes."
[Melinda]: "Oh my." and hugs the covers to her "What are you doing in here?"
[Janice]: "Well if you think they are reliable, use them."
Big Rod waving off Mel, "Not now sweetheart.... Yeah Jan.. but he needs payment tonight... Something about another job."
Melinda shakes her head and mutters "I must be dreaming. Yeah..." and goes back to sleep.
Janice glares at Rod. "One day my friend (showing him the door) I will tell you about (opens the door) my little adventure finding the Xena Scrolls...(pushes Rod out of the door) But for now I am going BACK to bed...(closes the door behind him) goodnight!"
Janice yawns and stretches, smiling at Mel and turning out the light.
[Melinda]: "Zzz... Zzz.."
[Narrator]: Rod sees Smithers in the hallway.
Big Rod bangs loudly on the door.
Janice thinks about shooting rod.. yeah shooting would be good.
Big Rod to Smithers, "She's so touchy without sleep."
Smithers smiles "Yea..."
Big Rod continues to bang on Jan's door.
Janice crashes face first into the softest pillow she ever felt.....
Big Rod continues with the knocking... only now he begins knocking in annoying rhythms humming to himself.
Janice is out like a light.
Smithers chuckles and goes back into his room.
Janice breathes heavily.
Big Rod pulls a slender piece of metal out of his pocket, and begins to work the lock.
Big Rod pushes the door open, "Psst... Jan.... Jan....?"
Janice is still breathing heavily
Big Rod standing behind a dresser... throws little items from his pockets onto Jan's head (buttons.. little pebbles.. etc.)
Melinda moans in her sleep
Big Rod mumbles, "God I hope she doesn't shoot me"
Big Rod a little louder, "Jan!"
Janice turns over and clutches....
Melinda feels things hitting her in the face "What the..." and sits up.
Janice smiles in her sleep
[Melinda]: "What are you doing in our room!!"
Janice sucks her thumb
[Melinda]: "Umm... Janice."
Big Rod happy now, "Oh good your up, Jan... I need $50"
[Narrator]: Rod suddenly realizes its Mel
Big Rod frowns, "Hmmm... Ok... Mel.. I need $50"
[Melinda]: "For what?" and hugs the covers closer to her.
Janice squeezes the nearest thing to her...
Janice mumbles "Xena... wow."
[Melinda]: "I don't have the money. She does." and points to Janice.
Big Rod looks over towards Jan, "She was supposed to give it to me for Pittman.. but she fell asleep.. I'll pay you back in the morning."
Melinda get out to bed and walks over to Janice's pant, and pats them down.
Big Rod covers his face with open fingers, "That would be good... You get it and I'll pay back Jan in the morning"
Melinda sighs "Where did she put it?" and looks around the room
Janice stirs, and turns over.
[Melinda]: "Janice."
Janice mumbles something
Big Rod shushing Mel, "Dont wake her for gods sakes!"
[Melinda]: "Oh Janice...."
Janice smiles
Melinda looks at Rod
[Melinda]: "JANICE!!"
Janice still asleep "Humm?"
Big Rod explains, "She's very touchy when she's woken up.... SSSSSShhhhhhh."
[Melinda]: "Janice." and taps her
Janice giggles
Melinda starts to shake her.  "Janice, now get up."
Janice mumbles "Not now sweetheart I have a big day tomorrow."
[Big Rod]: "Just get it off her.. and I'll pay her back in the morning.. will you stop touching her!", hushed whisper to Mel.
[Narrator]: Janice is lost in the land of nod.
[Melinda]: "Janice Covington, you get up right now."
[Narrator]: Out like a light
[Janice]: "Five more minutes daddy."
Melinda is shaking her harder.
Janice starts to stir.
Melinda looks at Rod "Get me some water." and smiles.
Big Rod moving Mel aside, "Oh let me get it."
Melinda steps aside.
Janice Grabs Mel and flips her under her.
[Melinda]: "Oh my...."
[Janice]: "Mel?" - Laying on top of her on the couch.
[Melinda]: "Um... Janice. Now wake up."
[Janice]: "What's wrong?"
Melinda raises and eyebrow at her "Him." and points to Rod.
Janice straddling the southerner.
Big Rod butting in, "Nothings wrong Jan... I just need that $50 now."
Janice holding Mel's wrists over her head becoming coherent again. "What do you want rod?"
Janice is sleepy, "Why?"
[Melinda]: "Janice Covington.... please let go of me."
Big Rod sighs, "$50... for Pittman.... needs it tonight...."
Janice looks down at Mel "Sorry."
Melinda and tries to get up.
[Janice]: "Who's Pittman?"
Janice helps Mel up.
[Big Rod]: "Not important.."
Melinda sits up right and pulls away a strand of hair from her face.
[Janice]: "It's my money Rod I want to know."
Janice stands and glares at Rod
[Big Rod]: "I'll pay you back in the morning, I promise... Unless you want to move every rock by yourself."
[Janice]: "What's it for Rod?  Janice says it slow enough so all the kids on the little yellow bus understand.
Melinda walks back to the bed and gets under the covers again.
Melinda thinking to herself "See if I ever try to wake her up again."
Janice is envious of Mel, she yawns again.
Big Rod impatiently, "I need to secure your workers.. tonight.. or the price is gonna be tripled by morning"
[Janice]: "Rod I will give you to (walks to her gun) the count of three (gets it out) to leave (cocks it back) before I take out your other knee."
Big Rod continues, "I have a bottle of Scotch in the Jeep.. but he's gonna want cash too..."
[Janice]: "Rod I don't care, I am tired and I want to GO TO BED!"
[Narrator]: She looks like she means it!
Janice grabs Rod's collar and pushes Rod to the door.
Melinda is fast asleep again.
Big Rod slowly backing up, "Fine go to sleep... but I need $50 now.... or $200 tomorrow... your choice."
[Janice]: "GET OUT!"
Janice throws him into the hallway. Uncocks her gun.  Slams the door and finds a chair to prop up against it.
[Narrator]: The door slams in the Face of Big Rod.
Janice grabs the pillow and covers and heads to the bed muttering "screw this".  And climbs to her side of the bed and is out like a light.
Big Rod limps downstairs to his jeep mumbling obscenities and drives off...
Big Rod has left in his jeep during the night....  ill see you all tomorrow morning....
Janice wakes up and goes potty
 [Narrator]: Our stalwart group are all awakened by the sun of a new day creeping across their eyes...
Janice puts a pillow over it and goes back to bed next to Mel
Melinda turns over and opens one eye to see Janice in bed with her.
Janice stretches.
Melinda opens the other eye still staring at Janice.
Smithers gets dressed and goes in search of food.
Janice is asleep.
Melinda blinks several times.
Melinda looks around the room.
Janice looks younger asleep. (fanfic)
Melinda sits up and grabs for her glasses.
Melinda taps Janice on the arm "Hey."
Janice smiles in her sleep.
[Narrator]: Smithers Goes out in the hallway.
[Melinda]: "Wake up sleepy head."
Janice rolls on her back, sighing in her sleep.
Melinda pulls the hair outta her face.
[Melinda]: "Lordly Janice, wake up." and taps her again.
Helena opens the door, yawning.
Janice stirs and opens one eye, taking in her surroundings.
[Melinda]: "Morning." and smiles.
Janice turns to Mel.
[Narrator]: Helena sees no one in the hallway...but she feels hungry
Janice grumbles into the pillow "No its not."
[Melinda]: "Um... what are you doing in the bed with me? And what happened to that Rod?"
Janice looks asleep again.
Smithers goes downstairs to the cantina and orders breakfast.
Melinda looks around the room to see if anything is missing.
Melinda shakes Janice's arm.
[Melinda]: "I thinks it's time for us to get up now." and looks at Janice. (Don't make me yell) "Janice Covington!  I swear, you sleep as hard as a rock.  Now get up!!"
[Narrator]: While Smithers is in the cantina....
Helena goes downstairs to get some food.
Melinda sighs and climbs out of bed.
Desk Clerk from the night before walks up to him.
[Smithers]: "Yes?"
[Narrator]: Smithers sees Helena...Helena sees Smithers.
Melinda walks over to the bathroom looking for a glasses to fill with water.
Smithers nods to Helena.
Melinda thinking to herself "Where are they?"
Janice slowly stretches.
Helena looks at Smithers for a moment..
[Desk Clerk]: "Oh Uh yes... Mr. Nelwin said for you and the group to wait here...the package will be here later"
[Smithers]: "OK."
Desk Clerk looks to Helena.. "Please"  pulls out a chair
Janice curls up in the covers.
Smithers continues to eat.
Helena sits, still looking at Smithers.
Melinda finding a glass in the bathroom...filling it up with water and making her way back to the bed.
Janice look content.
Melinda is looking down at Janice. "Janice. Oh Janice...." and smiles.
Smithers to Helena "Yes?"
[Melinda]: "Fine dear, have it your way." and dumps the glass over Janice's head.
[Helena]: "hmm? oh, nothing.." looks down to her food
Melinda starts to giggle and thinks to herself "I'm in trouble but she asked for it."
Janice wakes up, nearly drowning, and grabs Melinda around the waist.  "You think that's funny, Mel Pappas???" hoisting her into a fireman's carry.
Melinda is trying to get away from Janice.  "Well you didn't wake up."
Helena suddenly drops her fork and looks up at Smithers, gaping.
Smithers looking at Helena "What...?"
Janice walking to the bathroom with Melinda slung over her shoulder.
[Melinda]: "I didn't mean to dump that much on you." and starts to giggle.
Janice opens the bathroom door
[Helena]: "Ummm, nothing.."
[Melinda]: "Put me down...." and slaps Janice's back.
Janice turns on the faucet to the tub.
[Melinda]: "Oh NO!!!! Put me down!!"
Janice turns on the shower.
Melinda thinks to herself,  "I asked for it this time didn't I?"
Janice smiles "Okay Miss Pappas..." Dumps her into the shower - the COLD shower.
Smithers to Helena "So... How long have you been in Greece?"
Janice stands back and laughs.
[Melinda]: "OH.... OH...."  and tries to get out of the tub.
Janice holds her in there.
[Helena]: *blinks* "Umm, not long..."
[Melinda]: "Janice... well I never.... MOVE OUTTA ME WAY." and tries to break free
Janice puts both hands on her shoulders.
[Janice]: "Oh no Mel, you should never wake me!"
Melinda stares at her with her lower lip pushed out.
[Melinda]: "Janice! This is freezing. Let me outt here. PLEASE."
Janice watches the water roll around her face... "Sorry Mel I couldn't resist."
Janice turns off the tap, laughing.
Melinda shakes her hair outta her face and reaches for a towel.
Melinda takes the towel and put it around her
[Janice]: "Well Mel, you had your shower now it's time for mine."
Melinda eyes Janice as she walks out of the bathroom.
Janice turns the faucet back on and waits for it to get warm while siting on the edge of the tub laughing really hard.
[Melinda]: (from the bedroom) "I hear that!"
[Narrator]: There's  a knock at Mel And Jan's door
Janice laughs louder splashing water as an effect.
Melinda walks to the door "Yes?  Who is it?"
Janice laughs taking a HOT shower!
[Desk Clerk]: "Its the Clerk ma'am"
Melinda opens the door "Yes?"
[Desk Clerk]: "Uh Yes.. Uh"...looks at Mel then away "The uh package is here downstairs"
Melinda wishes the clerk would hurry up so she could get outta these WET clothes.
Janice turns off the shower and puts a towel around her. (charisma is raised)
[Desk Clerk]: "The others are in the Cantina waiting." and leaves suddenly.
[Melinda]: "Oh. Ok thank you. We'll be down as soon as SHE is done with HER heated shower."
Janice runs to the door, looking for the clerk... "Where is it?"
Helena is eating her breakfast, giggling a little.
Janice turns to Mel.  "Why didn't he bring it up?"
Melinda turns away from the door and Janice to go change clothes.
Smithers to Helena "What?"
[Melinda]: "I don't know." she shouts from the bathroom.
Janice looks through her duffel bag for clean clothes. (good luck)
[Helena]: "Nothing, nothing.." *smirks*
[Smithers]: "Well... That it... I'm going back upstairs to get the others..."
Janice can't find anything but a shirt that is clean... "Maybe I put some in the rucksack..." (enter the "dun dah don!!!! music here)
Melinda comes out of the bathroom looking much drier.
Janice is only wearing a shirt and cursing going through her things.
[Helena]: "As you wish..." she continues eating her food.
Janice starts throwing everything around out of her rucksack.
[Melinda]: "Well now, we should really go downstairs and see this package and the others.  Hurry up now Janice."
[Janice]: "Son of a Bitch!"  throwing the rucksack at Mel "THEY'RE GONE!!!!!!!!"
[Melinda]: "Ya'll always use such colorful language, Janice Covington?"
Janice paces running her fingers through her wet red hair (not SHORT hair... LONG hair, bloody LONG hair!)
[Melinda]: "What gone?"
Melinda looks into the sack
Janice grabs the other duffel bag and rummages through it and finally sinks to the floor, covering her head in her hands.
Melinda looks back up at Janice "What are you talkin' bout?
[Janice]: "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!"
[Melinda]: "What is it ya'll are talking about that's missing?"
Janice throws anything within her reach.
Helena finishes her food and has a look around the hotel.
[Janice]: "THEY ARE GONE MEL!!!! G. O. N. E. GONE!!!!"
[Melinda]: "What on heaven sakes is missing?"
Janice grabs one of the many pairs of trousers laying on the floor and slips into them. (yes she is a red head)
[Narrator]: Helena doesn't find much exciting...plants , colorful carpet...
Melinda looks confused.
[Janice]: "The Scrolls Mel!!!! The Scrolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  grabbing the rucksack and looks at it... it read in stencil... 'Jack Kleinman'
[Helena]: "Hello Smithers..."
Melinda sits down on the bed and puts her hand to head.  "I knew we couldn't trust that Rod...."
Janice drop kicks the rucksack into the bedroom.
[Melinda]: "Oh... Jack?"
Melinda and smiles.
[Smithers]: "Hay ya..." passing her.. and heading downstairs.
[Janice]: "Jack Kleinman!  That BASTARD!" (runs into the bed room and looks at Mel) "Did you give them to him?  Miss goo goo eyes anything in trousers?  Huh? did you give them to him?"
[Melinda]: "Now Janice, we'll get them back somehow."  Melinda looks shocked "Me?!?! Miss Goo Goo eyes?!?!"
[Janice]: "Yeah YOU!" paces, "I see how it is, everyone here... do I know them... no I don't, here they are in my life... "
[Melinda]: "Of course I did no such thing!!" and walks away.
Janice presses a finger into Mel's upper chest "You just WALKED into my life, like that eh?"
[Melinda]: "How could you think that I'd do something like that?!?!"
[Janice]: "Gee Mel??? How could I not, I don't know you!"
[Melinda]: "Well.... yes I did.  If it wasn't for that letter I found of my daddy..."
[Desk Clerk]: Smithers goes past Helena into the Cantina.
Helena finds a place to lounge in the sun.
[Janice]: "Just cause our ancestors were friends doesn't mean we are!"
Melinda looks upset now "I came all this way over here to talk to you.  And... and..."
[Narrator]: Finds a table in the open air section of the cantina.
[Janice]: "And what Mel?  So I can save you from a boring life of a husband and babies???"
Melinda sits down starts looking for her hankie
[Janice]: "I am NOT your savior!"
[Melinda]: "I can see that." and glares at Janice
Janice kicks something in her bare feet anything...  "OUCH!" - stubbed her toe (barefoot joke of the night: ONE)
Janice hops to the bed and sits next to Mel...
Melinda turns away.
Janice rubs her foot and curses, looks at Mel, who seems upset. Janice softens a bit.
[Melinda]: "I would never do something like that Janice." trying not to cry.
[Janice]: "Sorry Mel, its just I spent my whole life trying to recover those damn things..." putting a hand on Mel's shoulder, "Sorry I yelled."
[Narrator]: There's another knock at the door
Melinda sighs
Janice looks up and stands tucking in her shirt, and goes to open the door.
[Narrator]: The desk clerk is there
Melinda wipes the tears from her eyes with the hankie and looks up at the door
[Janice]: "Yes?"
Janice runs fingers through her wet hair
[Desk Clerk]: "Uh Miss Covington...Ms...Helena? She still waiting for you in the cantina"
[Janice]: "We are coming."
Melinda stands up and straightens her clothes, hair and pulls her glasses back on her face
Janice closes the door "Who is that woman?"
[Melinda]: "I don't know." and walks back into the bathroom.
[Narrator]: A minute later Helena sees the desk clerk heading for her.
Janice grabs her hat and puts it on her hair... looks around "Where is my hair tie Mel?'
[Desk Clerk]: "Ms?"
[Melinda]: (water running) "I don't know."
Janice walks into the bathroom, and looks at Mel.
[Helena]: "Yes?"
[Desk Clerk]: "Your two friends will be down shortly"
[Helena]: "Oh, my two, heh heh, yes, thank you."
Melinda looks up at Janice "I'll be ready in a little bit." and looks into the mirror.
[Janice]: "You okay?"
Helena sits and waits.
Janice watches Melinda.
Desk Clerk nods ..."I'll bring the package to you then"
Melinda shakes her head a little "I'm going to try to be."
Janice mentally kicks herself. "Mel?" she says softly.
[Helena]: "Package?"
Melinda sighs "Yes?"
[Desk Clerk]: "Yes" and turns and leaves.
[Helena]: "hmmm..." finger on chin, thinking.
Melinda sprays on some perfume.
[Janice]: "You have to forgive me sometimes, I haven't ever had a partner before.  You know us redheads, quick to snap and all " tries a lopsided grin.
Janice turns to find her boots.
Melinda looks at Janice in the mirror. "Well...I guess I could learn to get use to that."
Janice goes too look for her boots.
[Melinda]: "But.... if you ever put me in a cold shower again.... I'm going to have to hurt you somehow." and smiles.
Janice grins at the challenge "Might take you up on that Mel." She replies lacing her boots, before grabbing her jacket, and heads down the stairs
Melinda walks out of the bathroom and grins as she walks pass Janice to the door "Coming?"
Janice notices its a different lift operator. She giggles.
Melinda sit down with everyone at the table "I haven't eaten anything since I arrived yesterday."
Janice is starving.
[Melinda]: "Good morning everyone." and smiles
[Narrator]: Mel and Jan see Helena siting out on the deck at a table.  Helena sees Jan and Mel enter the cantina.
Helena is lounging in the sun.
[Helena]: "Hmm, about time you two got down here.."
[Melinda]: "I'm sorry." (to the woman) "I didn't catch you're name. I'm Melinda Pappas."
Helena stands.
Melinda puts out her hand.
[Helena]: "I'm Helena."
Janice looks about for something to tie her hair up with.
Helena shakes her hand firmly.
Melinda smiles "Nice to meet ya Helena."
[Janice]: "Of Troya" - Janice mutters
Waiter walks up to the table
[Waiter]: "Can I get you all something?"
[Janice]: "So 'Helena' you want to work with me eh?"
Melinda looks at the menu "Oh my, well...."
[Helena]: "Yes, I think I could be of help.."
Janice looks again at Helena, "What is it that you do?"
[Helena]: *grins* "This and that... I do have knowledge of archaeology and ancient cultures."
Janice turns to the waiter "Can we see menus?"
Melinda looks at the waiter "I'll have some eggs, bacon, toast and.."
Waiter nods handing out Greek menus...
[Janice]: "Well Helena, we can do all that fluently, again... what is it that you are good at?"
Waiter writes down Mel's order.
[Helena]: "Hmmm, I have a knack for, er, finding rare artifacts, if you need any.."
Melinda sighs "I guess ya'll don't have that here do ya?" to the waiter.
Janice reads the Greek menu and can't find bacon on it anywhere - decides to stick with the eggs and burnt toast.
[Janice]: "Oh Helena we found the rarest of them all, didn't we Mel?"
Waiter turns and leaves.
[Melinda]: "And none of that strange stuff you call coffee here.  I really don't like the taste if it at all."
[Janice]: "Give the lady Tea!" - yells out at the waiter.
Melinda looks up and nods "Why yes we did."
[Helena]: "Oh, you've really got to get into the cultures you visit. Tea?? toast?"
[Melinda]: "Oh yes... tea would be good."
Helena laughs a little.
Janice glares at Helena "Been here a year missy."
[Helena]: "Alright alright, no offence meant.."
[Melinda]: "Well see, this is my first time here to Greece. And so far it's been.. shall we say, interesting." and eyes Janice.
Janice giggles "Wet you meant Mel?"
Melinda giggles.
Helena's eyes widen a bit.
[Melinda]: "Yes that too."
[Melinda]: "So, where is that supplier of yours Janice?"
[Janice]: "Probably sleeping, that bastard wakes me up and then he sleeps in."
[Helena]: "Oh yes, that package you are waiting for?"
Waiter returns with a cup of tea .
Janice fingers the napkin, she is bored.
[Waiter]: "Food here soon."
[Melinda]: "Why thank ya."
Waiter leaves..
Janice is visibly upset by something.
Melinda takes a sip of the tea.
Janice is going to wring Jacks neck!
Melinda sighs "Now Janice...what do you think we should do about that problem of ours?"
Waiter returns with a tray of food and places it on the table and leaves....under the plates is a wrapped package and envelope.
[Janice]: "Rape, Pillage, Murder?  Any of the above Mel." staring blankly into her water.
Melinda sighs "Well now I guess that would do it, but..."
Helena eyes the package.
Melinda looks at the package.
Waiter looks at the package.
Janice looks at her glass of water thinking of drowning jack in it.
[Melinda]: "Well if no one is going to open it." and grabs the package.
[Narrator]: An envelope falls to the table.
Janice shrugs.
Melinda is busy ripping open the paper.
Helena brings her hand over and slides the envelope towards her.
[Melinda]: "Are one of ya'll going to open that envelope?" and raises an eyebrow.
Janice plays with her food.
Melinda pushes Janice with her elbow "Janice? You going to be ok?"
Helena carefully opens the envelope, and takes out....
Janice's loss is sinking in now.  She looks at Mel "Maybe, by 1985"
[Melinda]: "1985?"  and shakes her head.
Janice eats her meal after playing with it.  Janice taps her fork against her glass wondering if Helena is literate with all the problems she is having.
Melinda sighs  "Now what?"
Janice looks at the package Mel is holding... "Open it Mel."
Melinda looking at the package that is open and.....
Helena looks at the package.
[Narrator]: Out falls a stone tablet...as well as a large wad of bills.
Janice grabs money.
Melinda rubs the tablet "Oh my."
Janice looks at Melinda.
[Melinda]: "How much money is there Janice?"
Helena turns the tablet towards her to get a look at it.
Melinda looks at Janice.
Janice counts the money, her eyes light up.
[Narrator]: Its written in ancient Greek
[Janice]: "Your field of expertise Mel..." laughs at Helena, 'and you thought she was useless'" thinks to herself.
Melinda shrugs, running her fingers over the ancient text "Oh my...."
[Janice]: "You do that too much Mel and you'll have to buy it dinner afterwards."
Melinda smiles and started to giggle
[Narrator]: Mel looks at the tablet.
Helena re-folds the letter and hands it to Janice
Janice takes the letter eyeing Mel's reaction to the tablet.  She notices string that held the envelope closed... and takes it off the envelope
[Narrator]: In addition to text...there appears to be a map.
Melinda sighs "I not really familiar with this dialect."
Helena looks at the tablet closely
Janice looks at Mel, "Let me see, I know a bit you know." - smiles
[Melinda]: "Oh you do, huh?"
Melinda turns the tablet over to Janice.
Janice sighs.
Melinda smiles to herself.
[Narrator]: Janice believes its an ancient menu.
[Melinda]: "It's going to take a while for me to translate this one."
[Janice]: "See look, it says Nutbread on it"  Janice whispers something to Mel pointing at the tablet.
[Helena]: "What time period is it? What area?"
[Janice]: "Mel, it reminds me of someone else's writing..."
[Melinda]: "Um...well... you could be right."
[Janice]: "See this bit here, it's the same era at the very least."
(Note reads): It reads Good luck in our venture Dr Covington...I wish you well...be careful...for I fear others may be trying to stop you. G. Nelwin
Janice hands the note to Mel and gives her the "Its only Giles wishing us well and warning us" look.
[Helena]: "The same era as what exactly?"
Janice looks at Helena "If I told you, I might have to kill you." smiles
Helena scowls at that
[Melinda]: "Well I know that it's from the same period as the other scrolls."
[Janice]: "Good so do I!"  - Smiles triumphantly
[Helena]: "Scrolls?"
Janice kicks Mel under the table, gently.
[Melinda]: "Um." and looks innocent
[Janice]: "Well you're good at that Mel."
Melinda giggles out loud
[Narrator]: Janice also notices several modern maps in the package
[Melinda]: "Well look here." and points to something that looks like a map, "AHHH HA!  My field"
Melinda takes another sip of her tea this is getting cold.
[Narrator]: Janice sits and ponders the map on the tablet.
Helena looks over at the map
Melinda looks at Janice
[Janice]: ...
[Narrator]: It looks vague but given a little time...she could correspond it to  a modern one
[Janice]: "Yep that's a map."
Melinda runs her fingers over the map.
[Janice]: "Melinda, that's not the map."
[Melinda]: "Oh waiter."
[Janice]: "Melinda don't make me embarrass you."
[Melinda]: "Can ya'll bring little ol me another tea, please."
Melinda looks at Janice and sticks out her tongue.
[Narrator]: Most of the early afternoon passes with the three women interpreting the map and ancient text.
[Janice]: "Careful Missy you might need that someday."
[Narrator]: OK Janice manages to locate the general area on a Ariel survey map...While Mel cracks the tablet.
Janice is humming the phantom of the opera
[Janice]: "You cracked it!!!!"
Janice lights another cigar
[Melinda]: "Oops?" and looks at everyone.
[Narrator]: The tablet translates as such,  "The stone of the gorgon, shall grant those who hold it ever long life like the mountains... The fare within shall pay the guardian well... Take heed in travel for death is a companion."
Janice so it was an ancient riddle for passing through some mountains?
Melinda takes a breath "And that's all it says."  Melinda glances it over, "I guess so Janice.  Can I just call ya Jan?" and looks at Janice
Janice looks for the mountains on the maps,  "Oh but Janice sounds so much better rolling off your accent... "  Janice smirks and shakes her head.
Melinda rolls her eyes.
[Narrator]: Janice believes that between the tablet and the newer map...she can find ...what ever it is they're looking for.
[Helena]: "Hmmm, sounds interesting.."
[Melinda]: "So what we have to find mountains?
[Narrator]: The only problem Janice notes is...
[Melinda]: "Where on gods green earth are these mountains?"
[Narrator]: The location to start from is a days journey into the wilderness, up river...by boat.
Janice thinks about the last 24 hours... 'Finds tomb, unlocks tomb, finds scrolls, looses scrolls, gets two offers for digs, gets 3,500 American dollars for digs, finds map, finds mountains... befriends Melinda...."
Melinda shakes her head and laughs.
Janice is tired.
[Janice]: "...is now completely pulled in four directions... thinks about what she most desires..."
[Melinda]: "Ok then.  Let's go on a little boat ride."
[Janice]: "Melinda I will have to take you shopping then."
Melinda sits back in her seat "Whatever you all want to do is fine with me." She registers what Janice said, "Shopping!!" and looks dreamy.
[Helena]: "I've got to see what's at the end of this map..."
[Janice]: "Well Mel, could you even begin to image camping out in the woods with the bugs and snakes, you'll have to wear boots and trousers... could you handle it, Melinda?"
[Helena]: "Shopping?"
[Melinda]: "Um... boots?"
Janice puts her big boot on the table and leans back in her chair, "Yeah boots!"
[Melinda]: "Snakes and bugs?  I think I'll be alright with that."
[Janice]: "Sleeping on the ground Mel?"
[Narrator]: Janice sees Helena pick up the tablet
[Melinda]: "Janice Covington.  Why do I get the feelin that you're trying to stop me from goin?"
[Janice]: "Mel I just don't want to hear you complain about it."
[Narrator]: Helena has the tablet
Janice watches Helena with the tablet.
Melinda looks at Helena
[Janice]: "And what can you see there Helena?"
Helena looks over the tablet
[Melinda]: "And just where do ya think you're gonin with that tablet?"
[Helena]: "Just looking..."
Janice calls the waiter over.
Melinda turns back to Janice "You won't hear a word from me about it."
[Waiter]: "yes?"
[Melinda]: "I think sleepin under the stars would be a wonderful idea." and smiles.  "Why my daddy use to take me out to the dig sites when I was young."
[Janice]: "We need the check, put it to room (rattles off room number)."
[Narrator]: Helena scrutinizes the tablet
[Melinda]: "And I loved every minute of it then."
Janice raises her eyebrow, "Really Mel?  I never would have thought that from you."
[Melinda]: "And..." looks at Janice and smiles.
[Janice]: "What happened to you then?"
Waiter looks at Janice "Yes lady."
[Melinda]: "Oh, I was just thinkin of my daddy."
Waiter hurries off
Helena balances the tablet in her hands. "Hmmm..."
Melinda sits back in her seat and sips her tea quietly.
Janice stands up and bundles the mess on the table under her arm...
Helena shakes the tablet.
[Melinda]: "Oh are we leavin now?"
Janice holds out her hand to Mel, "Care to do shopping with me, good lady." (sarcastic)
Melinda takes her hand and stands
Janice still can't get over how tall she is.  Janice puts a hand on Helena's shoulder.
Helena eyes go wide
[Janice]: "Coming with us?"
Helena grins. "Yes"
Janice puts out her hand "Tablet please."
[Melinda]: "Yes.  Let's all go shopping."
Janice rolls her eyes "Pity Rod took off, could have gotten it all at discount."
[Helena]: "Hmmm, after you are finished with it... perchance you might consider selling it?"
[Melinda]: "Selling it?" and stops in her tracks.
[Janice]: "Sorry Helena, if its written by who I think it is, I couldn't."
[Helena]: "I could pay top dollar.." still holding the tablet.
Janice shakes her head no, loosing patience... "Sorry, its a family heirloom"
Helena sighs, and hands it over.
[Melinda]: "Where is the best place here to get be some of those fancy duds?" and looks at Janice
Janice heads back to the Hotel room to retrieve her gun, whip - and undergarments! (ooops)
Melinda follows, "We're going back to the room, right?  I need to grab some things before we leave."
Janice grins, "Oh they won't be fancy Mel, you're gonna be a plain Jane... well, plainer... if that's possible for you."
[Melinda]: "Can I bring my luggage set?"
Janice trying to remember a good place to shop, shakes her head at Mel.
Melinda shrugs "I had to try.  Then let's be off to what we have to do." and rushes them along.  I want to get started on this adventure, Janice.  No time for sitting around."
Janice gets ready, watches Melinda apply MORE makeup and shakes her head.
Helena takes back the tip she left
[Narrator]: After a short jaunt in to town, the three find themselves amongst small stalls and store fronts.
Janice heads for the provisions outfitters shop.
Melinda is just along for the ride.
[Narrator]: Janice spies a store that should fill her needs.
Janice gets a quick scan of the area before approaching the clerk.
[Melinda]: "Oh my goodness.  Look at all these stores and all the wonderful things." and goes off to look at something.
Janice grabs Mel's hand "Stick with me Mel, there is still a war going on."
[Melinda]: "Oh, I... sorry."
[Narrator!]: A short hunched man looks up at you.
Janice scrutinises the stock, lighting a cigar "I need some things..."
[Narrator!]: Speaks out in Greek.
Helena looks around at the stores
[Merchant]: <What can I do for your estimable self?>
Janice in Greek "I need this list here..." hands him one of the many copies of the list, took a chance wrote one in Greek.
[Melinda]: "Janice?  Do I get to carry a gun too?" and grins.
Janice stopped and nearly dropped the cigar out of her mouth, "Melinda, I don't think that would be a good idea."
[Narrator!]: Helena sees Janice talking to a merchant.
Melinda shrugs "Well I was just wonderin."
[Merchant]: Merchant squints <It will take me a little time...and it will cost>
Janice turns to Mel, "Mel listen, if you carry a weapon you become a target."
Melinda goes about looking at items in the store
[Helena]: 'What is he saying?"
[Melinda]: "Then why do you carry that?" and points to the gun
Janice turns back to the clerk, "We will discuss price after I see the quality of the merchandise"
[Narrator!]: There picks, shovels...camping gear....dried goods
Janice sighs, "Mel have you ever killed anyone before?"
Janice glances at Helena, "He's getting my supplies", she looks at the clerk, "I need extra bedding too."
[Merchant]: Clerk waves his hand at Jan <Yes yes>
Janice sighs, "Mel have you ever killed anyone before?"
Melinda looks shocked "Little ol me?" puts a hand on her chest,  "Oh no."
Janice misses whatever it is, too concerned over Mel.
[Melinda]: "Have you actually killed someone before, Janice?"
[Narrator!]: As Janice talks with the clerk, she doesn't notice a sly hand reach into her bag and grab the tablet...But Mel does!
[Melinda]: "HEY!" and tries to grab.....?
Janice finds her boots really interesting.  "A German here and there, a bully, mostly in self defense."
[Narrator!]: Helena notices the floor
[Helena]: "Wow, is this marble?"
[Melinda]: "Janice, the tablet." and points to the HAND.
Janice looks back
Helena looks up
[Narrator!]: Mel sees a young man pull out the tablet
Janice needs to turn quickly, but is perplexed and stunned
[Narrator!]: Mel tries vainly to grab the young man but misses...he darts off
Janice looks back, wonders why she would have brought the tablet
[Melinda]: "Oh for cryin out loud."
[Narrator!]: Janice sees a man running off...with the tablet
[Helena]: "What? what happened?"
Janice darts off after him at fill speed
[Melinda]: "Get that boy!!" and starts to follow the boy.
Helena shrugs, and runs after them.
Melinda yells back to Helena "Come on will ya!"
[Helena]: "I'm.. Coming!!"
Janice pulls out her whip
Melinda is clutching her side.
[Narrator!]: As Mel and Janice scurry ...Helena shoots past them almost catching up to the young man on his heels
[Janice]: "Told you not to wear those shoes Mel!"
[Melinda]: "I was just thinking that, Janice." Who is still trying to catch up with the man
[Narrator!]: Mel Sees Janice dart down an alley way to the right.  The young man runs around a corner to the right out of Helena's sight, and Mel gets to the ally way.  Janice stops short at the end of the alleyway and looks out...she sees the man running towards her looking over his shoulder.
Janice snapping whip out.
 [Narrator]: I large Crack snaps the air as leather encircles his ankles...he falls fast....sending the tablet flying!
[Janice]: "oh shit!" running for tablet.
[Narrator]: Mel ends up right behind Janice and Helena turns the corner to see the tablet fly.
Melinda runs for the tablet but misses the tablet completely.
Helena slips in a puddle of dog piss and is knocked unconscious.
Melinda mutters to herself "Damn heels."
Melinda is praying "Oh lordly please."
[Narrator]: Janice runs and dives at the tablet....
Janice looses her hat <in slow motion>, hair gets in her eyes as the string falls free of her locks.
Melinda is still praying
Helena is still in the dog piss
[Narrator]: And grabs the tablet.....but fumbles.....it bounces up then hits the ground.
Janice watches the tablet hit the ground... "nnnnoooooooooooooo" <slow motion>
[Narrator]: Cracking in half
Janice pulls out her gun and aims for the thief.
[Melinda]: "I think I'm gonna faint again."
[Narrator]: The guy is loosening the whip.
Janice shoots up in the air.
[Young man]: Looks up at Janice
[Janice]: "Next one is for you!" - getting up off the ground
[Narrator]: Helena wakes up!
[Helena]: "Urkk... ow..." blinking.
Janice walking to the man
[Helena]: "The tablet!!"
Melinda shakes herself out of the fainting spell and runs over to Janice.
[Young man]: "oh god....."
Helena she quickly tries to stand up.
Janice cocking the gun back "You just broke a priceless artifact."
Young man starts to shake
[Janice]: "... you know what happens when people break MY priceless artifacts?"
Melinda kneels besides the broken tablet.
Helena frantically looks all over the ground.
[Young man]: "Uh...you let them go?"
Janice Shoots his knee "No I get mad and miss a vital organ."
Melinda is trying to put it back together again .
Young man screams in pain as a bullet tears into his knee.
Janice holsters the gun and collects her whip.
Young man rolls around crying
Janice bends down to the man and grabs his lapel
[Melinda]: "Oh my goodness Janice!! Did ya really have to go and do that?"
[Janice]: "Well Mel, that's what a weapon is for, yous till want one?"
[Janice]: "So who sent you?" to the man
[Young man]: "You shot me!" whimpers
Melinda picks up a gold coin that just came out of the tablet  "Look at this.  It was hollow."
Janice Twists his lapel choking him, "I'll kill you if you don't answer me!"
[Melinda]: "Janice!"
Janice looks back, "Mel I am busy here!"
[Melinda]: "The tablet was hollow inside."
[Janice]: "Impossible it was stone!"
[Young man]: "Errrkkk..." turning blue
[Melinda]: "And I think we can still read the tablet too."
[Janice]: "But its value is gone, Mel... its worthless now"
[Melinda]: "Janice Covington!  Look here." and holds out the coin.
[Young man]: "I .....cant....say....." his eyes bulging.
Janice lets go of the man's collar, and takes the coin holding it up to the light (enter shining in the distance scene here)
[Janice]: "What's this writing on it Mel?"
Melinda picks up the broken tablet and pushes up her glasses on her face. "It says "The Guardians Fare". "
[Janice]: "Mel this is it!  This is the fare!"
Melinda kicks off what's left of her shoes.
Janice turns away from the withering man and gets excited...
Young man looks at his chance to crawl away bloody.
[Janice]: "Mel, you remember the story of Charon and the river Styx?"
[Melinda]: "Um... yes, of course I do."
[Janice]: "I wonder if it isn't the same thing, a coin for passage into Hades domain!  Quick grab the tablet, lets get going!"
Melinda hold both pieces of the tablet
[Narrator]: Helena Is watching the two
[Melinda]: "Helena are you ok?"
Janice grabs Mel's hands and hoists her up... "Come on ewe gotta get moving..."  she turns to Helena... "here." puts out a hand...
[Helena]: "Yes..."
Melinda hurries along with Janice. "Where are we going?"
Janice brushes off the dirt from the street.  "Get you some new shoes!"
Melinda looks down at her bare feet.
[Melinda]: "Good idea.  Wouldn't want you laughing at me or anything like that, now would we?"
[Narrator]: After obtaining a pair of comfortable shoes for Mel...
[Janice]: "I'd just get you wet again Mel if I wanted a good laugh!"
Melinda rolls her eyes at Janice
[Narrator]: Janice, Mel and Helena, go off to the docks to find a boat to take then up the river.  Sailors walk about, whistling at the ladies and continue daily...sailor activities,
Janice slings her new rucksack over her shoulder and heads to the boat.
[Melinda]: "I don't think I'm gonna get use to wearing this things." and holds up one of her feet.
[Narrator]: You see an old Barge that may suit your purposes.
[Janice]: "Well at least you aren't so tall now."  Janice wanders over to the barge, looks it over and for some captain or owner.
[Melinda]: "Yes, Janice but I will always be taller then you." and smile.
[Narrator]: A gruff old sailor in a blue coat and hat eyes Janice.
Melinda turns to look at the boat.
Janice glances at Mel's ribbing "And I'll always be stronger and faster Mel."
[Cap'n Hindgrinder]: "Arrr...And what can I do fer ye?"
Janice looks at the captain, "Passage if you can accommodate."
Melinda smiles at the Cap.
[Cap'n Hindgrinder]: "Aye .....Tis that so? And where be you wantin to go?"
Cap'n Hindgrinder peers at Helena.
Helena raises an eyebrow
Janice pulls out a cigar and lights it, "North up the river"
[Cap'n Hindgrinder]: "Arrr I ne'er thought to see a mermaid walk the land" and bows to Helena
Melinda whispers to Janice "What is he talkin bout?"
[Helena]: "Mmm, hmm, unfortunatly, I can't be swimming any time soon.... how much..?"
[Cap'n Hindgrinder]: "Tis a shame lass...."
[Melinda]: "Um you two know each other?" and looks at both of them
Janice looks at Mel, "Mel he's flirting, something you do all the time.... or are you upset cause he chose her over you?" Janice does a fake boo boo face and giggles at Mel.
[Cap'n Hindgrinder]: "Passage aboard me vessel Eh?....Well.. Twill be 800$ fer the three a yahs"
[Melinda]: "Now Janice... it's nothing like that." and turns away to listen to Helena
[Helena]: "Aye, and I've no pearls to trade for a ticket..."
[Cap'n Hindgrinder]: "HARHARHAR... and she boasts a salty tongue!"
[Janice]: "How about 400
Helena waves Janice back
[Melinda]: "Guess we should just like her do her thing then."
[Cap'n Hindgrinder]: "I be truly sorry lasses...But me goin rate be 800$"
Janice Looks for another boat
Helena frowns
Melinda pulls out a hair pin and holds it between her teeth while she fixes her hair.
[Cap'n Hindgrinder]: "Wait....Arrr...ye drives a hard bargain!"
[Helena]: "perhaps another time.."
[Cap'n Hindgrinder]: "500$ and a waltze with that thar pretty wench!"
[Melinda]: "Then I guess that means that 400 is good enough?" and gets ready to get on the boat
Cap'n Hindgrinder looks to Helena
Janice laughs "Which one?"
[Helena]: "Oh, alright....for $400.."
[Cap'n Hindgrinder]: "450$"
Melinda smiles
[Janice]: "So you are whoring now, eh Helena?"
Helena looks to the others "Is that good enough?"
Janice laughs at Mel, "This is priceless you do realise this"
[Melinda]: 400 and bats her eyes
[Helena]: "Bite your tongue!"
Janice turns to look for another boat
Cap'n Hindgrinder looks at Mel..."She be as tallas a red wood I say"
Janice walks away down the plank shaking her head
[Janice]: "Come on girls, it ain't worth it..."
[Cap'n Hindgrinder]: "Arrrr...fine ...400$ then"
[Melinda]: "Now ya'll know that's a good price." and smiles
Janice mutters "dignity" and some colourful phrases
[Helena]: "How about a dance with all of us? Would that we worth it then, Captain?" big grin
[Melinda]: "Thank ya."
Janice is really seriously looking for another boat
[Cap'n Hindgrinder]: "OK."
[Helena]: "Go get your friend, Miss Pappas."
[Melinda]: "Janice.  He gave it to us for 400. Now come on. Let's get on this thing and get goin."
[Janice]: "No Mel, I can't let you girls do that to yourselves."
[Janice]: "If we have to wait a day, we will wait then"
Melinda grabs Janice's elbow "Janice.  Now really. Come on."
Young Sailor appears next to the Captain
Helena folds her arms an waits impatiently at the dock
[Melinda]: "What are you talking about?" and looks at her
Janice turns a flash of green eye back at Mel, "Mel I mean it!"
[Helena]: "Hello..." to the young sailor
Helena grins
[Melinda]: "What?!?!  What are you talkin bout?"
[Young Sailor]: "Captain??? LOL...I'm sorry ladies.....he's just the deck hand..."
[Janice]: "So you would 'have a waltz' just to get a ride north?"
[Helena]: "What??" she bends over laughing
[Janice]: "This is pathetic, maybe I have made a mistake with you Mel."
Melinda sighs  "No waltz, come on." and pulls her arm.
[Young Sailor]: "Please...My names Steel....Are you looking for passage?"
Janice still walking away - missing the entire conversation
[Helena]: "Yes.. what is you're going price. We need to go north a ways.."
[Steel]: "North ways? I'm headed there ...I'll give you a lift!"
Melinda is trying to catch up with Janice
[Helena]: "How much?"
[Steel]: "no charge...."
Janice throws her cigar into the water
Melinda gets in front of her "Now what are you doin?  We need him to get us there and you're walkin off for another boat."
Janice watches it go out and she stops walking,
[Helena]: "Hmmmm, no charge..? " she eyes the man a little suspiciously
[Steel]: "Could use the company..."
[Janice]: "Mel I can find us a better ride, I don't want to have to defend your honour the whole trip."
Steel looks at Hindgrinder "And get him off the boat"
[Helena]: "And exactly what *kind* of company, hmm?"
Helena laughs
[Steel]: "Someone who isn't drunk like him!"
[Melinda]: "Defend MY what?!?!" and shakes her head.
Helena looks over to the others
Steel gives Helena a dashing smile
[Helena]: "Well, maybe one or two of us then, hehe."
Janice catches something from the barge out of the corner of her eye looking back
Helena grins back
Melinda grabs her arm and turns her around "Come on.  You're not going to have to do no such thing."
Helena waves at the others, "GET OVER HERE!!!"
[Steel]: "Well I'm leaving shortly....tell them to hurry along!"
Janice looks back at Helena
Helena frantically waves at them to come over.
Steel grabs Hindgrinder...and shoves him overboard
[Melinda]: "Janice Covington." looks at her. "Now.  Please." Melinda sighs
Helena is screaming at them now
[Narrator]: Janice sees a young man shove the old sailor overboard
Janice walks back
[Helena]: "Woah, can he swim!?!"
[Narrator]: *SPLASH*
[Melinda]: "Come on." and drags Janice by the arm to the boat
[Helena]: "You alright down there?!?"
[Janice]: "I love it when you are forceful Mel!" she says sarcastically.
[Steel]: "Yeah he can swim...."
Helena watches the old man
[Steel]: "Well welcome aboard!" looks to Mel and Jan
[Melinda]: "What's goin on Helena?"
[Helena]: "I think I've found a better deal.." smirks
Janice tries to look brave getting on the boat
Melinda turns to look at Janice "OH!"
Janice eyes the waters cautiously
Helena jogs up the ramp
[Steel]: "Come on Ms.." Holds a hand down to Janice
[Melinda]: "You'll be ok, Janice."
Janice looks at Mel, puts her hat back on her head and looks a bit worried.
Melinda pats Jan on the back,
Janice smiles weakly before Janice jumps down without assistance
[Steel]: "There we go!"
Steel smiles Mel "You're next"
Janice finds a good place, near the railing
Melinda takes his hands "Oh my, I'm never been on a boat before." and smiles to the sailor
Steel lets her down slowly.
Janice doesn't know which is more nauseating
[Steel]: "I love the water myself"
[Melinda]: "Why thank ya so kindly." and smiles again.
Steel looks to you all
[Steel]: "Like I told Helena, Steels the name"
Janice takes off her hat and fans herself with it, it's HOT!
Steel heads to the controls
[Melinda]: "Why I'm Melinda Pappas.  It's nice to meet you."
Helena enjoys the view when he walks off.  Helena sighs
Steel grabs the wheel and engages the engine.
Janice thinks to herself, 'barge... barges are slow, the water is still, I'll be fine.'
[Narrator]: The boat suddenly lurches
[Melinda]: "That's Dr Janice Covington over there."
[Janice]: "Oh god!".  Janice grip the railing
[Helena]: "Woa!" grabs for something
[Melinda]: "She's a little sea sick ya see. "
[Janice]: "Thanks Mel!"
[Narrator]: The boat continues forward
Melinda walks over to Janice "Now maybe they can help ya."
Helena watches the dock get smaller
Janice is holding her lips closed and nodding to Mel
Melinda is busy watching Janice.
Janice is turning green, "Oh god!" she lurches up and over the side.
Steel looks to Janice, "Woah...there goes breakfast!"
[Helena]: <wrinkles her nose, slightly disgusted>
Janice wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, "I swear if this is inherited I will punch out that little Bard if we ever meet in the next life!"
[Melinda]: "Steel you got somewhere where she could go, maybe lay down or something?"
[Janice]: "Nah no NO!!!! No laying down!
Steel looks to Mel "She can go below deck"
Melinda shrugs "Sorry, just trying to help."
Janice shakes her head, "No I can't its worse there"
[Steel]: "You'll be ok Dr.....just concentrate on your breathing"
[Melinda]: "So Mr Steel.  How long is it going to take us to get there?"
[Janice]: "Been there done that, Steel... nothing works"
Janice could use some water...
Melinda walks over to where Helena is
[Steel]: "Where is it your going...show me on that map" points to wall
Melinda walks over to the map in the Pilot House.
Janice leans over the side again, trying to reach down into the water, splashes some water up to her face, and looks back to see where everyone went
Melinda is talking to some sailors
Janice lights a cigar trying to calm down her stomach, taking a deep breath of tobacco and puts her hat on her head, trying to get her sea legs to work and wobbles over to Mel
Helena watches the others
[Melinda]: "How ya feelin?"
Steel looks up at Janice " You ok?"
[Janice]: "A little better, I'll live."
Steel nods
Janice leans against the wall
[Steel]: "So where is it your going?"
Melinda smiles  "Good. I hope it doesn't take to long to get there.  Wouldn't want you feelin like this all the way there."
Janice points to the map, "Well at least it ain't a plane."
[Steel]: "Hahah. .there? That's the middle of no where!"
Janice inhales the tobacco and calms her nerves, "Yeah we know."
[Steel]: "Why would you want to go there?"
[Janice]: "Well I am a Doctor of Archaeology, and well there is someone I gotta meet there.
[Steel]: "Uh yeah...right." looks to Mel and Helena... "And you two?"
Janice shakes her head "It's a mans world" - to herself
[Helena]: "Just business, nothing exciting.." she smiles
[Janice]: "Well this is my partner Mel Pappas, she's a talented Anthropologist and Linguist."
 [Steel]: "Well it'll be first light before we get there ladies."
Janice eyebrows shoot up into her forehead "First light?  All night on this thing?"

To Be Continued...