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Disclaimer:  Yep, one of these... right, if you know the drill, never mind.  However if you are a youngin, don't like two women in various stages and positions of sexual confrontation, or are just living in a place that bands all fun... leave now, don't pass go and don't collect $200.  Unless you want to give it to Wanda, kid needs a new pair of pumps.

The Covington Journal
A Day In the Life of Recruiting
Chapter 4: Epilogue

During the night we both made separate trips down the hall to the bathroom, then crawled back into each others arms removing any clothes that we donned for the small trek.  One of us, I really don't know who, forgot to move the cabinet back.  And let me tell you just moving it to the side to squeeze out of the door is a bitch.  I must have been out of it, I have never slept so good in my life until I found Melinda, for I didn't hear the lock turning, sense the door opening, or register the "Oh la la." from Wanda.

Covered as well as the teal and gold patterned afghan thrown over cold exposed flesh allows, I can only gather how long Wanda stood and admired her catch.  I felt a hand on my shoulder gently shaking it, at first I thought it was Mel waking me.  Naturally I looked up at her first.  She's is so adorable, her head was scrunched into my temple, my arm was under her neck and she had this cute little smile dancing on her lips, twitching every so often in her dreamstate.  Melts my heart, I pulled back to look at her in more focus then that's when I nearly jumped out of my skin.

"Someone forgot to put ze cabinet back, no?" I blink a few times and look up at the closed door then over to Wanda.  "I was worried sick about you two." she whispers, neither one of us wanting to wake Mel. "I thought ze Gestapo picked you up."

I rub the sleep from my eyes trying not to twitch or move my trapped left hand. I roll flat onto my back and pull the cover higher concealing more of Mel's flesh.  "Good morning to you too." I am really tired, I mean the kind of tired you get when you know you have to wake up and just can't.

"Janice wake up." I heard again and the same hand on the same shoulder shaking me.  "What in ze world did you two do last night, besides ze obvious?"

I open an eye, glare at her and then realize exactly were I was.  I nod and motion for the door.  "Let me wake her, give me a minute."

"Janice do you not know what happened last night?" She looked serious, something Wanda never is no matter how bad it gets.  I shake my head hardly remembering anything before or after our love making.  "Ze Americans are at war with Japan, it ez only a matter of time before zhey go up against ze Germans too."  My eyes widened, why the hell would Japan attack us?  "Zhey have been rounding up all known trouble makers." She is really worried, I guess it just hasn't sunk in for me yet.  I feel her hand caress my shoulder, "And Janice you are ze biggest thorn in zheir side, no?"

Oh shit, too much to comprehend now.  "Wanda go back to the apartment and get our things." I should explain that the three of us have been rooming together when the Nazi's commandeered the Lido Hotel, our home for the last year.  Finding the apartment was a stroke of luck, and at least we have money now.  Maybe I should get that out of Switzerland, they can't remain neutral throughout this nightmare.

She held up a small suitcase.  "Already did." I give her a questioning look she puts her hand up, "Melinda's cases are still in ze truck.  I had to put them in zhere all by myself, and I am not going to drag zhem up here to show you."  I smile, got to love Wanda, not only is she one of the nicest people you will ever meet but thoughtful and very smart.

I thank her and she stands, "I will go get ze coffee and food. I am sure you two are famished." She winks and leaves locking the door behind her.  I sigh and take it all in before I dare break the wonderful spell Mel is under.

"Mel?" I turn to her and caress her cheek, her dreams must have stopped.  "Honey wake up, we have to get up."

I felt her hand slink around my waist and caress the underside of my breast, without opening an eye she found my mouth and kissed me.  A warm morning kiss, calming my tensed nerves and exciting me again. What war?  I pull away, the nervousness came back and I startled Mel unconsciously.  Her eyes popped open and she looked my face over, "Hon did I hurt ya?" On further inspection she could see right through my fears.  "Janice what's wrong?"

I looked into those eyes for strength, comfort, love, and what I need most right now, courage.  "America is in the war.” I finally got out and silenced her before she could speak and placed a gentle finger on her lips, “Wanda packed up our things, the truck is waiting for us downstairs."  I felt a tear roll down my cheek at the thought, "We have to leave the scrolls here after all." We only endured the German occupation because they commandeered our scrolls that Julius held in what was once safe keeping.

"Oh my..." she looked down and then back up at me trying to form words and couldn’t. I just stared at her, I hate scaring her, but I’m pretty scared myself. After a few moments of her eyes darting around she gathers her thoughts, a courage, and looks me in the eye. “What are we gonna do?”

“I don’t know sweetheart.” Why today of all days, a day I just want to sit here and hold her close. After the magic we shared last night, to have our worst nightmare coming true. What can we do but run? If we can run. It may just be too late. Mel started to shake a bit, from cold, fear, I never knew. I held her in a tight hug and whispered that we would be alright, over and over again.

“Janice what about the scrolls, all of our work?” She raised her face and I let my embrace relax, I shook my head. What can I say to make her understand that after all of this it’s over.

I begin slowly and calm, trying not to falter my tone, “I have you, I have Wanda, and I have all of our translations.” I touch her face and smile softly, “I don’t need the scrolls.” I catch the tear falling from her eye and ignore mine, “Was a hell of a ride though.”

She giggles, “I will have to publish my memoirs as fiction.” I see those teeth I love, “Cause no one is gonna believe this.” We laugh and our foreheads touch, our eyes lock in an instant, knowing this will be the last calm moment until we can get out of Europe.

“We need ta get dressed.” She broke my hypnotic trance with those words. Sometimes I can just gaze into her eyes, and not think about anything at all. I fall into them, I have memorized all the specks of blue, the shades, the hues, and the patterns. Up close I can see how they are so striking from a distance, every hint of blue is the deepest color within the spectrum. Perfection is in those eyes, and they are looking at me. “Janice, I said we need ta get dressed.”

Foiled again! I smile and tuck my head down, I know we have no time to loose. I know that the Germans could be on their way or even here any moment. My right hand disappears under the cover and caresses her bare thigh. I am about to be scolded, I can see it in her eyes, the way her mouth begins to open. I run my hand up to her side and brush against her breast.

“Janice…” I continued north on my excavation until fingers breached the daylight and caressed her supple jaw.  “Janice…” her voice was softer, as I pulled her into a long gentle kiss. Our last kiss for a long time.

“I know there is ze war going on, but you would think someone would have le cream for ze coffee.” Wanda closed the door behind her and stopped short looking at us. “Would you two be needing any cream? Or should I just use your…”

“Wanda, it’s not what it looks like.” Mel’s hands were on my shoulders, I had my back to the door and my arms around her. “We are recreating yesterday.”

Good one Mel, now explain something else in detail to her. I smirked hearing Wanda’s, “Is zhis for my benefit since I missed it yesterday? If so where do I sit and watch?”

“Wanda DePoisson, you stop that this instant!” She sighs, oh Mel you are beautiful when you are embarrassed. “I’m tryin ta remember where my shoes are.”

“I have heard of kinky, but I do not think I have ever inserted shoes before.” Mel actually yelled at Wanda for that one. “Oh Oui, forgive me I was just thinking of how high your heels are.” She winked, “Could be interesting.” Mel took the high road and ignored her.

I cocked my hat back and glance between the two women. Mel was fully dressed, hair neat in a bun, hat and all. She however was missing one thing, or two rather. Those pumps of hers that she kicked off, we already checked the corners of the office and now we are going to try recreating the event when she lost them. I certainly was not complaining, I will just stand here and wait for her to kiss me like she did yesterday.

“Now let me see, I walked up ta Janice and said…” She backed up away from me getting to her mark again. Wanda put the tray down and sat on my desk having the best view and watched. I waited. She thought about it some more, “Was this before or after we moved the cabinet?”

Its all a haze, I remember what happened afterward in full glorious detail, but before is just a blank. I shrug. “We could do the whole thing over again.”

“Here here.” I hear Wanda cheer and cross her arms in defiance to being told to leave. I smile at her and cocked my head up at Mel.

“Janice was suckin on my fingers…” arches an eyebrow at a quiet but definitely naughty comment coming out of Wanda’s mouth. “Oh heavens, that’s right.” She seemed proud with herself, “Ya turned me around.” She grabbed my waist and she put me where her mind wanted me. I let her use me like a rag doll and just waited.

I took her finger and started to put it in my mouth but she swatted at me. Damn, I tried. Wanda sighed and looked at Mel. Nah two against one! “Janice Covington, and Wanda DePoisson if ya’ll don’t behave…”

“We will be spanked?” Wanda interrupted. I grinned, oh yes Wanda spanking is good. And she does it so well, I recall the moment she hit me.

“I don’t even know why I put up with ya’ll, all ya ever do is pick on me.” She sulked over to the couch and reached for her tea on the tiny tray just out of reach on the desk. Stretching until she hooked the handle around her finger and tried with her other hand to reach for the saucer.

“Ze sex is good.”

“Wanda!” Mel nearly dropped her tea. Fumbling trying not to spill it we heard, “There’s one!” and then the crash of a tea cup.

“You wish Wanda.” I tease, knowing how she looks at us, sensing her instant attraction to me a year ago in the forest where we rescued her. Alas, Wanda is so oversexed that wild animals copulating makes her horny.

We look over at the crash, Mel’s rear end was sticking up while the rest of her was halfway under the desk. Wanda stood up and leaned over for a better look, she’s worse than a man at times. I shake my head and let the mischievous grin form on my devious mouth and walk over to Mel with my arms crossed and a finger on my chin.

I know I will get hell for this, but paybacks are a bitch. I bend slightly and bring my hand back and spank her as hard as she did to me last night. The first smack was my hand against her lovely round rump, the other was her head hitting the desk.  Yep, I fucked up on this call.

Wanda wanted no part of it, then it happened Mel cussed. “God damn it!” she backed out, stood up quickly, and gave me the look. Oh Germans, yoo-hoo! We are over here! What she did to me next may or may not make it through the censors. But I will say this, that woman is damn limber.

The ice was melting and dripping down my face. I didn’t dare look, and I tried to sit down and that proved just as painful. One hand on my ice pack covering my cheek the other rubbing my rear, I grabbed up our collection of notes and documents over the last year or so and took a final look at our office.

So many memories, so little time. I wish Julius was here, I wish I could have said goodbye to him, my oldest and dearest friend. Rod? I wonder where he is now. I chuckle thinking wherever it is I am sure he is eating. And Trent, a dear man, I hope he got out in time. So many more along the way, I sigh and feel a hand on my shoulder. "Sorry I clobbered ya."

The softness in her voice means that the last hour of her not speaking to me has worn off and she is ready to forgive me. I cock my head to her, without looking and nod. "But if ya ever do that again Doctor Covington, you won’t just get an earful and a good spanking."

Well maybe she isn’t. I flick off the lights and close the door.  My shadow disappears down the hallway, the door now mistakenly reads;

Dr. J. Covington

M. Pappas PhD


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