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Disclaimer:  Yep, one of these... right if you know the drill, never mind.  However if you are a youngin, don't like two women in various stages and positions of sexual confrontation, or are just living in a place that bands all fun... leave now, don't pass go and don't collect $200.  Unless you want to give it to Wanda, kid needs a new pair of pumps.

The Covington Journal
A Day In the Life of Recruiting
Chapter 3: Sex Sells

Lunch was too long, after ditching the boys and Wanda drowning on about something I can't for the life of me begin to remember, I was ready to start drinking. Being frustrated, hungry and arriving too late at the cafeteria for fresh hot food, and apprehensive about this dig just makes my nerves shoot stabbing pins through my body. I sigh closing the door behind me, throwing my hat on the rack and slinging my jacket over a chair. Wanda went off to work and Mel and I were stuck sitting in the office waiting for anyone qualified to answer our advertisement.

"Why don't ya lock that door, Dr. Covington." I gulped hearing that. I slowly raised my eyes into the most beautiful site I have ever seen. Two pale blue orbs looking me over slowly. "Wouldn't want anyone just walkin in..." again it was only a whisper, but I heard it loud and clear. Melinda had removed her glasses slowly leaning down to me, I cocked my head not being able to take my eyes off of those ruby lips. "...would we now?" She finished just before taking my mouth. I couldn't move, her sensuality roots me to the ground.

My lips have minds of their own sometimes, but I have no trouble controlling my tongue. We grin as we kiss, and play who can out dominate the other. We giggle at the tug of war between tongues. Our hands never leaving their own sides, it's just our lips dancing. I feel my back press against the door, the glass is welcoming cold to this very hot afternoon.

Melinda pulls back and grins that sexy lopsided smile of hers. I forgot how to breath, my heart is racing and I think I'm loosing a battle with my knees. I swallow hard when she unhooks my belt dropping my whip and gun to the floor, one of these days that thing's gonna hit the wrong way and go off. But I don't care, I let out a few short breaths and take a stronger stance. Reaching back and lowering the green blind on the door and locking the lock, don't think she could see my hand shaking as I fumble for the handle.

"Are ya up for some desert?" Mel oh god, when you look at me like that you know what you do to me. I smile and stare at her lips wanting more, I think I sighed a giggle or two and played a tennis match between her eyes and lips. "Then why don't we move that cabinet over."

Oh she's dead serious! Right here in the office, in the middle of the day. I know I must have been grinning from ear to ear, mental reminder: brush against Mel more often. I grab the file cabinet and start tugging it to block our door, we have learned from experience that the Janitor's skeleton key is a real mood breaker. Mel hurried over and started pushing it, in as much of a rush as I am. God I love this woman!

We move that damn thing and are both a little worn out. It's not the heaviest one in our office, see we are smart when it comes to planning and strategy. I hook my arm over the top and lean my weight catching a breath slowly turning my head to Mel who just towers over the cabinet and myself in those heels. She's smiling like a Cheshire cat and breathing harder than I am. I love you, I say with my eyes as I see the same in hers.

I remove my arm and take a step to her, taking her by the hand and lead her to the center of the office. I glance about the room making sure all the blinds are closed and the path to the couch is clear. When we bought it we made sure it was the perfect napping place. I smile, knowing it makes for other perfect things as well. I bring her fingers up to my lips and kiss them gently, she kicks off her heels onto the separate corners of the office. We will be looking for those later. She comes down about an inch or two, leaving me still at her chest level, and no complaints from me. My eyes find hers again, and I start to nibble on the finger of my choice.

Her mouth parts, I can see her brain say Oh my and even her lips begin to form the words, that is until I slid the entire digit into my mouth. All that escaped from her was a moan. I know she wanted to clutch her chest, I know her like the back of my own hand, I also know what she likes. My tongue slips between her fingers and back out again. Letting her finger slowly slide from my mouth as I put my arm around her waist and draw her near. She knows me just as well, her hands slip around my neck and she loosens the hair tie, running her fingers though my hair and finding a tangle.

"Ouch!" was all I could say, and I pull back which was a stupid thing to do... taking Mel with me.

"Oh my Janice..." she untangles her hand and puts one over her mouth the other on my shoulder, "...honey I'm so sorry." Now normally I would be angry with anyone that just yanked fifty strands of hair from my head, but it's Melinda. Dexterous is something she will never be. Truth be known, she is a down and out klutz. But she's my klutz and I love her more than anything.

I squint and scrunch up my nose rubbing the back of my head until the stinging disappears. "I'm okay Mel." She wants to say something, kick herself for it, but now is not the time. "I am really alright." I drop my voice and take her in my arms, standing on tiptoe trying to reach her mouth. God's sick joke in my opinion, making Mel so goddamn tall for me. "Now stop pouting and kiss me."

Her pout turns to a subtle smile, "Well, Janice if ya insist." Oh that drawl of hers, I nearly lost my footing at the sound of that. She kisses so tender, I have never been attracted to a woman before and probably never will again. I have only ever been with men, but we knew we were destined for something and all I can say is, wow.

Our tongues start playing again, I giggle at the thought of those kisses in the movies and the time we went in Athens.  All she said was "That's not a real kiss, how borin." In a crowded theater! Oh the pain I was in from laughter, "What are ya'll lookin at?" she replied to the group of people surrounding us.

"And what's so funny at a time like this Dr. Covington?" I hear deep and throaty in my ear before she slides her wet tongue into it. Oh catch me Mel I'm gonna collapse.

"Nothing." I manage to finally squeak out. No I gasped out, that was definitely a gasp. I feel soft hands run down my sides and start to pull my shirt out from my pants. Collecting my senses, which is very hard when Melinda is caressing your ear. I bring my hands up and find her lapels. I fumble around the edges until I finally slide under them.  My hands descend and clasp her waist. She's more petite in build around the waste than she looks. Very thin, but she has enough meat on her, if you know what I mean. My thumbs run up and down the soft silk of her blouse ticking her ribs making her stop and giggle.

 "Janice." She giggles out. Oh I have to make her smile again, I love that smile. "Stop it." She rubs her side and notices I have undone all of her buttons. "Janice Covington how on earth did you..." she trails off and looks at me. Her bra is slightly exposed and I can see her flat stomach. I run my finger up to the edge of her bra and back down, wiggling my eyebrows.  She bends down and kisses me, I can feel her smile on my lips as I purposely tickle her again. She pulls back and shakes her head, I love our little games. No matter what, we both end up winning.

I grab her forcefully and bring her towards me.  She gasps, I moan, and we kiss like it was our last. I can feel my shirt nearly ripped from my body. I refuse to sew more buttons on this thing again, so I reluctantly pull back and walk around her encasing her in my arms and putting my head against her back. I can hear the sound of her heart pounding and feel her breaths. She clutches my arms and leans back into me. Absolutely nothing could ruin my life at this moment.

After a moment of silence and just being near each other my hands starts to wander back around to her back and over her shoulders, I pull her blazer back and throw it on the desk, the beginning of our pile. Next, is her hair. I love it down and I take great care in removing all the bobby pins and clasps that hold it in place, then sticking my prized handful into my trouser pocket. I thread my fingers through her scalp and massage her temples until I can feel her relax back into me again. She's bending back enough where her head rests above my shoulder. Taking the opportunity before me I slip her blouse off next, slowly letting the silk tickle her skin and it descends to the floor where I then flick it over to the blazer.

 "Janice?" it was a whisper but I could tell she needed a response, I asked her what is it and she brought her arms around us behind her. "I love you." She melts my heart every time she says that to me. I respond the same and hold her against me for a moment until she breaks the embrace and stands up straight. My fingers trace the new muscles on her back. Between our adventures and our private escapades Mel has been getting more and more into shape. I take great pride in my body exercising daily and working on certain area's but its hardly an attractive thing to show off in 1941, apparently my tastes don't count. I kiss her back as she stretches and let my tongue gently trace around the strap of her bra.

I sigh and attempt this horrible feat; removing the bra. Most of my clothing comes from different countries I have traveled, noting that the clasps on the American made bra's were put on this earth to drive me insane. So far the only way I have been able to negotiate it, is from a rear attack. Okay here I go, let's see if I can be smooth enough here.

Damn it! Goddamn thing pinched me.

"Ya need help Janice?" I hear from above and watch her hands reach behind her back, ah one day I must tell you all how limber Mel really is. I kiss the fingers at her clasp and study how she does it. Why can't I ever figure that out. I slide it off her shoulders just as slow as I had the blouse. The red bra is tossed on the rest of the pile. Damn I wish I was taller or she was shorter, what I want to do to her right now and what I can are only left to my imagination or poor dime-store romance novels.

She stands ridged again, I pull back and circle to her font, okay maybe the height difference isn't so bad. I'm eye to well, I grin up at her... breasts. She looks down as if to challenge me and embraces me in a warm hug. Ah yes, life right now is good. This is about the time when someone will bang on the door, a fire, or a bombing raid, so I wait. Mel probably thinks something is wrong with me, I look up at her and beg for a kiss with my green eyes. She complies, now I think we are past the point of interruptions.

My hands slip around her waist and unzip her skirt letting it fall freely to the floor. I trace around her garter-belt then her smooth behind, making circles with my touches. I love hearing her moan, but feeling her moan in my mouth sends me over the edge. No definitely not stopping now even if Wanda comes back. I break off the kiss and slide down her body, nipping at a bit of flesh that had been calling out my name all after noon and get comfortable on my knees.

"Oh my." She teeters over me not quite sure my intentions down here. Her knees go weak and she steadies herself on my strong shoulders.

"Spread your legs a bit." I request getting a weaker and definitely shakier Oh my response. My hands, oh those naughty hands of mind run up behind her legs following the seam of her nylons, I linger a few circles behind her knees hearing my name breathlessly, prompting me to continue. I reach the clasps just under those beautiful red panties. New clothing purchase Miss Pappas? Oh the scent of Mel, I'm intoxicated and feeling a buzz come on. I unhook the back clasps and then slowly move around to the front not daring to look up. I know what desire looks like and I can't risk rushing this now.

"Janice, I.. I need ta sit down." Weak and breathless, oh no Covington don't look up.

"I'm not finished Mel." Was that convincing? I could hear my voice crack no matter how much authority I put into it. Yes it was convincing after another Oh my squeaks out.

The nylons are finally free, I start to roll them down into a neat doughnut placing random kisses on her thighs. I feel her about to topple over and look up supporting her with my hands on her rear. I shouldn't have done that, those eyes captivate me, the ruby red lips smeared from our kisses and her beautiful flush high on her cheeks.

I sit up on my knees and grin up at her. She questions me again as I hook my fingers through the bottom edges of her panties and slowly pull them free. I kiss her thighbone, and run a tongue over her hair to the other side and then down to the crease of her thigh. The panties finally make it to the floor, I lift up her foot for her, she needs all the help I can give her now. Still steadying her with my left hand I toss these into the pile and look up at my beautiful naked Melinda.

"You are so beautiful." I whisper and rise to meet her. She traces my collar, I grin and she begins to unbutton my shirt. She likes to catch my eyes and lock them into hers. Only after my shirt falls free does she look at my body. I grin as my shirt joins her pile of clothing. Mel's soft touch isn't a tickle itís nearly electric and sends shudders through my body. She traces the muscles in my arms and then across my stomach, I let out a breathy giggle when she finds my ribs. Her eyebrow arches as those talented hands disappear behind my back and my bra pops off. How does she do that? Mel however seems to be in more of a rush that me, as this too is discarded on the desk quicker than the air can hit my nipples.

Her hands cover my breasts and a thumb plays with my pink flesh, and she kisses me harder than before. Complain? Oh no not me, I love her fire. The way her fingers mimic her tongue in my mouth over my skin, the way she keeps her distance at this moment, even the way her fingers fumble my zipper and get caught in a loose thread. I feel her sigh in my mouth, and taste her disappointment. I tell her I adore her clumsiness at these moments, but it still upsets her. She pulls back annoyed with herself and a finger still caught in my fly. I wink at her and extricate the poor digit bringing to my lips and kiss it quickly, trying to get that smile I fell in love with from her. As usual I am victorious as I reach up and caress her cheek.

She tries to pout, looks away and then blushes in that pensive manner only Mel could make sexy. "Janice, I'm no good at this." I hear a whisper tucked under those locks that have fallen around her face. Brushing them back I nod to her and I felt my eyebrow raise on it's own accord.

"Mel, you are the only creature that excites me." I duck my head down trying to catch a blue eye in mine. "You do know that, don't you?"

She can't hold in the pout much longer, that smile tugs, and then I see a bit of the white from her teeth. The blush deepens, as does my stare. She can't do it, she just can't hold in that giggle. I smile and step back sliding my hands down her shoulders and to her hands, taking the softest palms I have ever felt into mine.

I wait for only a few moments and then tug her into another kiss I let her lead. She needs to be in charge, and I don't mind at all. Slowly she finds the courage to explore my body with her hands again. I never realized I was a moaner until Melinda. It must be her soft gentle and oh so melodically slow touches over the least thought of places. The way she caresses my breast bone instead of going straight for my nipple excites me and relaxes me at the same time. She makes me feel more love than I ever thought possible.

I must have closed my eyes, delved deep into my fantasy, or perhaps blacked out. I jolted. It was definitely a jolt, when she took my nipple into her mouth and toyed with it tenderly. My breath caught in my mouth and I felt and heard a giggle escape her lips. Then, success at last. A sudden rush of air, the absence of the warmth to my nipple and a new heat at my waist told me only one thing. She got those blasted trousers down, taking the boxers with them. Her hands wrapped around my stomach, and I lowered my head to her.

Looking was my mistake, I caught it in her eyes. That mischievous glint, that hint of the tiger within and the realization that she was most certainly in charge. She slowly lifted my leg placing light kisses in my inner thigh, and slipped off one of the pants legs. When she moved to my other leg I had to brace myself against her, the legs were starting to fail me and that wonderful ache had begun.

After throwing the pants away, god only knows where, she giggled and looked up at me. That toothy grin, making no attempt to stand up I knew it could only mean one thing, "Oh god!"

I cried out. That warm sensual mouth engulfed me and traced wild patterns all along my sex. Those soft hands, digging into my backside with such force that I new I could relax without fear of falling. And that vision below me, was more intoxicating that the richest brandy.

I saw through the dark veil of hair that covered her face, that one blue eye look up at me. I could feel my muscles stiffen in my legs, oh for a wall to lean against right now. I'm trying not to fall over, but every instinct is screaming for me to lay down. My breath quickens when her rhythm changes, damn she's good at this. The pressure she applies makes it impossible to resist submitting to her, I feel nearly ethereal but clearly focused on every push, suck, and pull she touches me with. Many minutes later my body couldn't hold out, my breath catches and I stiffen, as I release for her.

I fell over her and just supported myself with what little energy I had left in my arms. My eyes were closed nearly this whole time, I don't know how long it took for my breath calm, clarity in my senses or the feeling in my curled toes to return. The only thing I knew was Mel held me the entire time in the warmest embrace anyone could dare dream for.

She moved to stand, still supporting my weight with hers. "I gotcha." Was all she said as we both stood and our eyes met again. My strength returned from the power of those eyes. "I love you." I finally said aloud, but she knew. I am convinced she always knew, even before I did. Before I would admit it to myself, and of course before I finally admitted it to her. I am harassed enough for the way I am and the way I'm dressed, most people generally assume I am a deviant. I smile at my thought trying not to laugh, thinking it took Mel to make me one.

She smiles, not clearly knowing why I smiled from the subtle questioning look on her face. "Nothing I was just thinking some random silly thought." I reply aloud pulling her into a hug.

"Ah so ya usually have silly random thoughts after I make love to you?" She grins and pulls away smiling. Oh she is so beautiful. I can feel my face grow warm and I look away a bit. "So I make ya silly?" she chides me into a smirk I try desperately to hide. Her head ducks down and follows my turned expression.

"I love you too, Janice." She finally says after moments of failed attempts at hiding our giggles.

We slowly move into a kiss, the giggles dying down as our hearts begin racing again. How I love the feel of her in my mouth, I can taste and smell myself in her. Not wanting to break apart, all the scrolls in the world couldn't tear me away from this woman right now, I slowly back up until the back of my legs find our couch.

It took us three days to find the right sofa for the office. We agreed that it would have leather, in this weather the thought of a tweed or a canvas was just right out of the question. Melinda has other talents, knitting being one of them. My bare calf brushes against the afghan blanket Mel made, tickling in the nicest of ways against my skin. I smile into our now heated kiss and I pull her back onto the couch quicker than she expected.

"Oh my." Was the only thing I heard as we both toppled over from Melinda's misguided dexterity. Our couch, as I was saying was painstakingly picked out to fulfill our every needs. Sleeping on it was one of them, so a wide seat was needed. Melinda and her long frame was the deciding factor on the length. I always wanted a sofa that I would sink into, nice and soft. Now that I think about it, sinking down into a couch cushion with a 6 foot beauty jamming her elbow in your windpipe was not the best idea.

When one reads or hears of lovers tangled limbs, I know this isn't the thought that enters my head. A few grunts, some apologies, and about five bruises later we sit up and look at each other again. "My fault kiddo, I misjudged where the couch was." She smiles, I know I lied so shoot me. Making her happy is number one in my book and I intend to do that at all costs.

It worked, she smiles and saunters up to me in that sleek, don't pinch me I don't wanna know if I'm dreaming seductive way of hers. I turn to my left and just let our lips play for awhile. Kissing her has to be one of my favorite things in the world to do. That and a good bar room brawl. But hey I'm the warrior in this relationship, I have other ways I get my juices flowing.

And now, they are flowing.  Wrapping my hands around her jaws and breathing in all that Melinda has to offer, I slowly press her back on the couch.  As we both slide the length of it I release her face and balance myself on my hands, letting my lips explore the rest of her chin and neck.   I feel her get comfortable below me, sliding both legs around and rubbing my calves.   We both moan when I surround her nipple with the moisture in my mouth.  I am sure she puts something on her skin to make it taste so good.  I canít ever get enough of her.  Her hands massaging my scalp relax me further as I play between her breasts and trace the lines on her stomach with my tongue.

I lost track of the time, like I said this was one of my favorite things to do to her.  Believe it or not but talking is the other.  I glanced up smiling hearing her breath so ragged and feeling her squirm under my touch is bringing me back to a need that we will or wonít fulfill until we get home.

I slide up and kiss her lightly, making us both dizzy and coming to a point where this playing canít continue.  Putting weight on my left arm and massaging the flesh of my choice she turns on the side to face me, so I slide my arm under her head for comfort.   Her hands never could remain still, oh and how I shudder when she does that.

My hand slowly make its way down to her thigh, getting that arched eyebrow from her I press on getting a long moan from those beautiful lip.  My eyes widen, "Oh honey." My voice hardly audible through that whisper.  Her little playful smirk returns for only a moment.  I watch her head lay back and she lets my fingers explore.    I canít take it anymore, the sight, the sounds and the smell drives me insane.  I take my fingers away and lick one, oh who needs whiskey.

She looks back up at me and tries to stop her panting, but the sight of my seduction furrows a pouting brow.  I grin and bend down to her breast and make a path until I slide down the length of her body.  Using her elbows she turns over on her back and I get comfortable as well.  A few tentative kisses testing the waters, just to see how close she is.

I capture her slower than she captured me oh so long ago.We have done this before for hours, no days.But we still have that sense of danger here in the office, certainly not acceptable for two women to be behaving this way, no matter how much we love each other or our obvious history.Not wanting to don the Naziís issued pink triangles we try and play by their rules for the moment.Being good little American Catholic girls gives us an advantage over most. Thank god we arenít in the war.

"Jan..." I hear from above, my slow tasting pauses as I look.She had propped herself up on her elbows and oh she is so close.I give her my undying attention between licks. After a few failed attempts with no help from me, I was busy, she finally breathed out, "Janice can we try something new?"

Iím all ears Mel. Yes my little southerner is not only adventurous but she is also creative. I pull my hands up and lean my head resting on them and smile.Her breaths slow down and her chest stops heaving, oh what a sight.I couldnít even put it to words.I unconsciously lock my ankles together stopping the throbbing I feel.

"Ya know I have been readin that book." She nods to her desk.And I wait, my eyes glistening, my breath catching, and I couldnít stop the flow now if I wanted to but I donít want to. "There is this position in it and I wanna try it."

That was as matter-of-factly for a woman who is buck naked, flushed and gasping for her next breath as you are going to get. I contemplate this, for appearance sake, not for me. Anything this woman wants she gets. I think I know what book she is talking about, the Kama Sutra or something like that.We found a few scrolls in India a while back and she bought the book.Unfortunately I am not quite sure what itís about.

"Janice just donít sit there are ya gonna answer me?" whoops wore out my cuteness.Iím sorry Mel, course I want to.But this is beyond words, I will have to do something to redeem myself.

I chuckle and drop my hands to her stomach and trace little swirl patterns, she tried to look hurt because I have yet to respond to her, but itís not going to work.I grab her waist forcefully and pull her body up to my mouth only inches but it was the reaction I want as her hip buck under my surprise attack and I audibly mouth the words "Oh of course I do Melinda." Into her oh so wet sex.

Then I drop her back down and sit up like the proper student I am. "Janice Covington..." a few breaths later, "I canít believe you sometimes." Yes you can Mel thatís why you are with me.I do excite you and you are starting to show that more and more everyday.

Mel struggles to prop herself back up again and cleverly traps my waist in her legs, that eyebrow arches and oh Mel if you werenít nude I would think I was back in school. Alright maybe not.

"All you have to do, Miss Covington..." She drawls out my name and smiles.

Well I am melting on the inside but this is where my cockiness shines through, "Thatís Doctor, not Miss." I smirk and put my arms over her legs and lightly draw on their silk. "Miss. Pappas."

Her tongue is wedged in her cheek, this isnít good.I feel the fever rise in my soul.My mouth goes dry and it hangs open enough for my breaths to be heard. "I want you to do what you were doin a second ago, but I want ya to put your legs up here." Oh there went my senses. When she patted the couch up by her head and wiggled her finger at me I would have fallen over from shock but her legís held me tight and upright.

"Okay." Came out of my mouth a few minutes later, well it felt like minutes.I wasnít too sure exactly what she was planning, but by that glint in her oh so blue eyes I knew she intended to make it worth my wild.

I gently positioned myself putting my legs on the end of the couch, she was even nice enough to scoot down losing her pillow from the arm rest.With both ankle snug next to the drop off of the cushion, I pause not really understanding what she wants me to do and look back at her.

"You are looking at my ass again?" I heard the slap and felt it later. "Hey!" There was that devilish grin and I refuse to admit at the moment how much I liked that so I gave her a scowl.

"Aw did I hurt the poor wittle tough girl?"

Not funny Mel. "Hey, I thought you wanted me to do..." still supporting my body with my hands and feeling like a dog in this position I motion to the couch, "Whatever this is."

"Well I would if you were doin it right." I felt the wind from her sigh on my calf tickling it. She took my left leg in her hand, "Now just trust me Janice." And placed it over her head, I looked down though my legs not to comfortable but I will try anything with her once.

"Now what?" Feeling very vulnerable, I can sense her eyes on me, and they werenít looking into mine.

"Finish what ya were doin." She peeked her head through my legs, I was confused. Her nod made me wonder her sanity, I sighed.

"Well why did I move?" I looked down at her and tried to get comfortable but the angle was all wrong now."Mel I canít do this."

"Sure ya can." I felt her push my knees wider and she slid her broad shoulders thought them, now I was locked under her arms. It at least gave me more room to bend down.

Reaching as far as I could still not trying to put any weight on her. I take her in my mouth again. This was awkward, I couldnít get a rhythm from the angle I was at and my knees were rebelling, she forgets about my bad knee sometimes.

She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself. I was in pain, but she was happy so I didnít dare stop. Then I heard it.Making me stop in my tracks, "Relax." She breathed out. I had no idea what she meant by that until she took her arms and wrapped them around my waist and pressed down on my back.

Oh so this is what she meant, "Oh god." I exhaled into her. Her mouth was so warm and I needed her so much right now. I relaxed and forgot what I was doing.

"Donít stop." I felt echo inside of me. Melinda I donít know if I am strong enough to do this. Itís too much on my senses, but she is so close I have never started and stopped this much, I can only imagine what she is going through.

I can reach her better now and my knee isnít supporting all of my weight, "Oh yes Mel." I could only say and enjoy it a moment longer until I pulled her thighs out wide and tried to match her speed.

I felt the fingers enter me and I clamped down on her, worried I may have hurt her I paused, but she moaned into me which sent a new shudder I have never felt before."Oh Mel..." well I wanted to say Oh Mel I love you but I couldnít form the words from the increasingly harder thrusts from her fingers.

I could hear her coming and feel it, I donít think I can make it myself. Concentrating on two different things is very exciting, but I wasnít prepared to experience this today. "Oh god." I canít stop, I am trying to keep up but we are both having problems. I bite her thigh and enter her with two fingers, my mouth needs air and I canít disappoint her now.

It only takes us as high as we dare go. I stretch out and collapse on her legs, my moist forehead resting on her cool calf. I feel her heavy breaths against my own legs and I donít care, I canít move. "Wow." I thought it, and must have said it aloud.

"Wow." Melinda repeats struggling for air too.

I must have passed out it was now dark in the office, oh and what a wonderful way to wake up. My beauties legs under me and my head snug with my arms around her knees. I slowly raise my head and see she is out cold.  Guess it was mutual, I smirk and try to remove my legs from her chest and sit up.

"Janice what time is it?" I hear but she refuses to open her eyes.

"Late, itís dark outside." I sleepily yawn and turn around to face her and crawl up her body. "We missed curfew, I think we are stuck here."

She wraps her arms around me and I get comfortable on her. "Well itís just one night." She sighs contently above me and on cue both of our stomachs growl. I look up and catch a blue eye in the dark. "Should have had a bigger lunch."

I chuckle into her bosom and hold her tight, "We will have a big breakfast in the morning, I promise." I yawn not being able to keep my eyes open any longer. "I will find you bacon if I have to.." I yawn and feel her breathing relax, she is asleep. "I love you Mel." I dig the afghan out of the couch crease and throw it over us knowing the night can get to freezing temperatures.

I didnít know until later what woke me up for a few minutes later that night, I heard voices, and commotion but Melinda held me too tight in her sleep for an investigation.I nodded off again hearing the radio in another part of the building, the reception was bad, and it was illegal to listen to free radio but we all did it.It was echoing in the silent night...

"We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin, the Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by air, president Roosevelt has just announced.The attack also was made on all navel and military activities on the principle island of Oaho."

To be Continued...
Part Four: Epilogue