Better Than Mehndi
By Nyx

Violence/Sex DISCLAIMERS: This story does contain a love/sex/lust relationship between two women. If you are not over 18 cover your eyes. If you live in a state where this is illegal print this out and cross the state line.

Property DISCLAIMER: All things/people in this fanfic belong to someone else. I make no money off this…haven’t even gotten something under the table if you can believe that. Actors and people belong to themselves especially in the privacy of their own home.

Parody DISCLAIMER: Lucy and Renee's relationship is their own private affair. I take a large liberty, but do not intend to offend, this is all in fun.

"CUT!" yelled Rick Jacobson, the director. He turned to talk to Steven Sears, the writer. He apparently wasn’t happy with that last take.

"Damn it! What happened to the look of longing I wrote in there!?!? Jesus. It says right here…" as he waved the Between the Lines script "Xena gives Gabrielle a look of longing love!" He sat down in his chair with a huff. "I know I named it between the lines but you didn’t have to take that literally…" he mumbled to himself.

He looked up to see the director announce yet another break for make-up. "Well hell, this might be a while I will go get myself a doughnut. Oh I wonder if that beautiful Tharini Mudiliar will split a glazed one.

He approached the women and noticed she was reading. He cleared his throat and began, "Excuse me, but what is that you are reading?" She looked up at his smiling face.

"Oh nothing" she giggled blushing slightly. "Just this…" she held up the book.

"Why yes ‘Tropical Storm’ I have heard of that. You ah….you enjoying it?" He couldn’t help but give her a slight smile.

"Oh I like it…I guess it is just making me hungry."

"May I offer you a doughnut? There are real tasty, and I bet they even have a chocolate one." He wiggled his eyebrows.

"Sounds good to me." She grinned, tossing the book in her chair and taking his arm.


Renee juggled the small bottle in her hand with a mischievous smile on her face. She reached the door of the trailer and paused for a moment. Well I guess this isn’t much different than her whip cream and strawberry idea. She will understand…improv is in now a days. Right? Right.

The trailer door opened and a lovely Lucy stepped out. Renee was still mesmerized by those blue eyes that seemed to see into her soul. Lucy smiled and extended her hand. She enfolded the woman in a hug and undid the hip-strap that held up Renee’s ever-present bottle of water. "Arrow Head….Nice choice."

Renee blushed "Well I don’t know when I will get parched and I…well…I just kinda like…"

Lucy giggled "You just like the sucking motion."

Renee looked confused, "What? I’m sorry Lucy I can’t understand you sometimes with that accent…could you lower your voice a few octaves and shoot for a Texas twang?"

Lucy grinned and gave the woman a gentle shove "Stop playin would ja. Geez I put you above my fireplace and this is how you thank me?"

Smirking "Well it looks better than Rob’s Dogs Playing Poker."

Lucy slowly made her way closer to Renee. Running her hand down her arm she came to the small bottle. "Just what do you think you are going to do with this…" she places a playful nip on Renee’s awaiting lips. "Does the make-up department know you have this."

Renee grinned seductively, "They won’t miss it…besides not even the Herc staff will need it. It would be one thing if I took a bit of their bottle o’ ghoul… but a bit of mehndi won’t bother them." She pulled Lucy closer and placed a kiss on her pulse point/artery. "One would think you have a target painted on here." She teased.

"Just what do you have in mind my little actress?" she chuckled.

"Oh, some method acting…today's topic, subtext... are they or aren't they?" She ran a teasing hand across the ex-minor’s broad shoulders down to her hand. "Damn Lucy, just how do your hands get so callused?"

"Oh well years of um… well you'll see…" She fumbled for the words,"Oh just forget it. Here I am thinking about your eyes with the flecks of gold in them and you are telling me my hands are fit for manual labor. Gee, you're so romantic. Thank god you do the sensitive chats…" she gave the actress a wry grin, or a wheat grin depending on your vantage point.

Renee didn’t answer she just pulled the woman into a fierce hug and launched herself into her arms kissing her soundly. They shared a long passionate kiss until Lucy’s arms began to shake. "Ugh, what have you been…"she nuzzled her neck, "eating?" She blazed a trail with her tongue up her throat. "No more nut bread for you missy."

Lucy’s arms could no longer hold Renee as she lowered her to the floor. She looked at her and smiled shyly. "It seems to work better this way..." She flung herself up into the blonde/redhead/strawberry’s arms. "After all you are stronger now a days." Renee led her over to the large scroll that was conveniently left by the prop department. "Gotta love those guys." She whispered breathlessly.

Renee looked up at her with passion filled eyes, "Hold on…" nibble, "There is something I have to do first…" She sat up and ambled over to her hip-strap and pulled the arrow head water out, spinning it in her capable hands. Her eyes never leaving those of her lovers.

Lucy could plainly see the passion there…Or is it a look of parched filled eyes, she wondered. She couldn’t help the grin that formed as she watched the actress saunter back over unscrewing the cap of the mehndi. I never was one for finger painting, but this might get interesting. She scooted over on the gigantic scroll and patted the space next to her.

Renee sat down and looked at her friend. "Off…" She commanded, gesturing towards the dark ex-minors blue silk robe. "It think it might stain." She watched with desire as Lucy squirmed to squeeze out of her garb.

Lucy grind sheepishly at her love. "Heh…um…it must have gotten wet."

"Well I would hope so." Renee answered with amused eyes.

"You know Ren, That smock you are wearing needs to go too…" She wiggled her eyebrows. "And don’t worry it does look better than the blood dear thing. We both know Rob was just doing that to get back at you for that ugly chocolate incident. Kinda hard to explain the chocolate covered couch you know. Where the hell did you get that idea anyway?"

"A book I read OK? Geez." She sat down and snuggled closer to the woman. "I thought you like the obe-won-kanobi look." She brushed her hand across the lips of her lover. "At least I didn’t have to ware that damn yellow flower around. Your neck was sore for weeks." She kissed the tempting lips.

They each began a gentle exploration of each other. What was left of their clothes lay on the floor next to them. Renee smiled and brought the bottle up the ex-minors face. She squeezed a hearty dollop onto a finger. Gently she drew a line down Lucy’s chest. Gently circling each nipple. She kissed the woman soundly while creating a curved line on her abdomen. Renee couldn’t help it and she sneaked a peek. "Now that is a smiley face" She placed a smaller curved line above her breast.

"Oh nice…" Lucy raised her eyebrow matching the young actresses work. "Oh let me guess your calling that Portrait of the Artist as a Young Minor." She grinned. "My turn."

Lucy took her own portion of the cool liquid and painted a dark line from hip to breast, across her nipples and down across her abdomen. Renee let a soft moan escape. Her lips beckoned the touch of her lover. Slowly she got her wish in a heat searing passion that threatened to consume them both. Thankfully, all the water that Renee insisted upon drinking, stopped them from spontaneously combusting. It was so messy the last time. Together the rolled, leaving the mark of their love making on the scroll beneath them. Renee broke away just long enough to whisper "This will look nice over your mantel too, I think."

Soon the mehndi was forgotten along with Lucy’s daydream of catching ‘the big one’ in the Gulf of California. Renee seemed to know about her friends little passion, and smiled as she lovingly thought to herself, I wonder if she wants to play ‘Moby Dick and Captain Ahab’? She could handle that harpoon though. Although, her shouting out Thar she blows every five seconds did become a tad distracting.

Their kisses became deeper, their passion stronger. Both women could feel their need pooling between their legs. Damn I hope we don’t smear our painting, thought Lucy for a fleeting moment. Just then Lucy answered the question she knew was coming, "Yes Renee we can paint with your juices, but we aren’t doing a water colour today."

"Very funny Lucy, now can we just please have sex already?"

"You mean there is more after this…well hell, I’m beginning to love this method acting thing."

"They will want us on the set in about ten minutes…" Renee breathlessly protested half-heartedly. "and don’t mess up my hair, the hairdresser is getting pissed, I bet they cut it all off."

"Awwww I kinda like the ‘Quickie mop’ look." She said while reclaiming her lips.

The two began to intensify their pleasuring. Renee trailed her hand up Lucy’s thigh. Man, I hope this stuff is non-toxic, she thought as her hand brushed the Mehndi covered women’s short hairs. I’m surprised Rob hasn’t made her shave these.

She felt the body against her shudder as she brushed by her lover’s pleasure knob/love nerve/passion button/wiggly giggly/all around treasure trove of delight. Next time she will actually hit it. (author puts away the "non-crude way of saying clitoris" thesaurus).

She began a gentle rhythmic motion with her fingers, much like the rhythm of a ship at sea. How does she know just how to touch me? Lucy wondered. Renee quickened her pace realizing that soon they would be called back out on set. She could feel her lover’s needs rising. She gracefully slid a finger into her lover’s honey hole/pleasure tomb/cave of ecstasy/center of being/and all around happy place.

She matched the rhythm of Lucy’s hips. Her other hand lovingly caressed her cheek as her foot caressed her hardened nipple. Thank god I stretch regularly, thought the young actress as she struggled to keep her balance. Her toes created an impossible rhythm on her lover’s breasts pushing her close to the edge. She could feel Lucy falling over the edge, her body contracting. She moved faster hopeing her lover will come harder than ever.


Steven was carefully whipeing some powdered sugar off Tharini’s face. They had been engaged in an intriguing debate on the merits of ‘self discovery’ when a scream rang out from the direction of the trailers.


Steven looked at the woman next to him "Damn, I hope they aren’t playing ‘Mel and Janice hide the whip’ again…"

While the two giggled together they watched the trailer. Sure enough a few minutes later Lucy and Renee emerged. They were fully clothed however; Lucy’s robe was inside out. As they approached Steven noticed what appeared to be a stain on Renee.

"Renee you have a little something here…." He gestured towards his collar. "And all up in here." He pointed to his belly. "And Lucy you seem to have a bit of…oh hell never mind."

The two women looked at each other and gave their best innocent look. and continued to their make-up chair.

"Well hell girls, now I guess I have to write this into the script…hmmmm OK lets do a bond of our love…er…friendship thing. That will explain it." He made a quick look at Tharini who was giggling and turned to tell the director of the changes.

Renee saw him leaving and yelled "Oh by the way I will give you your hat back tomorrow, tonight I wanna do some Indiana Jones meats the damsel in distress improv." She laughed at his jaw as it hit the dirt and relaxed in the make-up chair thinking about the night to come.

No water bottles were harmed in the creation of this fanfic

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