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Uber Story Disclaimers

RenPic and Universal Studios are the rightful owners of the characters Melinda Pappas, Janice Covington, Xena, Gabrielle, Autolycus, and the rest of the clan of Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.  I use each persona without permission or knowledge from their rightful owners, and I ain't getting a cent out of it!

Or even a book deal at and damn proud of it too!

The other characters that have no affiliation to the show or historical significance should not resemble any living or dead characters with the exception of Big Rod, who is owned and imaged solely after Rod DeLong the creator of this fun loving character.  The other characters depicted in this novel were also created in the minds of the people that played in the RPG over the internet.  Not knowing totally what was going through their heads while they played the game, Xenaholic and myself have portrayed each one to the best of our own knowledge and continuity within the story.  The five other role-players are also not getting a cent for this (and if they are I would love to know how).

Special Thanks to Kindralas for the best portrayal of Bruce Campbell (Trent)  I have ever seen.

Condolences to the French for Wanda's Accent, Nyx humbly apologises.

Historical disclaimers... there ISN'T any correct history within the Xena timeline, so we ain't gonna apologise for NOTHIN! :-P~

SUBTEXT:  Oh yeah baby, we have subtext warning!  This is it... the subtext disclaimer. (remember we were playing this live over the internet for months, keep that in mind when you read it)  It's SUBtext, not MAINtext (at least I don't think so, not yet anyway who knows what Nyx and Xenaholic will be cooking up in their heads).  But read it anyway, you may like it... and we are far from ending the saga!  <<If this disclaimer disappears... you KNOW we crossed the line>>

Janice "Violence" Covington... expect it.  And she turns more than one colourful phrase, okay her vocabulary is colourful.

Nude Scenes, yes we have those too (no graphics sorry, we couldn't find Bruce without pants). Blatant graphic nekkidness!  Put down the Maxim... oh no wait... Hold tight to the Maxim, good graphic material.

HAIR: This story takes place right after Xena Scrolls.  Janice Covington's long flowing red locks will remain in tact I promise.

Continuity Disclaimer: If you have ever played a Role Playing game you would know that there is hardly any continuity.  However we are taking great strides in correcting this within the Novel.  But alas even we as humble minor scholars of history goof a bit, please forgive us we didn't mean to do I swear... okay wait put that poker down... oh that looks hot!

Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys are all owned and copywrited by RenPic and Universal Studios.